NOFO: Public Diplomacy Programs, 2022, Syria

Publish Date: May 08, 2022

Deadline: May 30, 2022

The Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Office of Press and Public Diplomacy (NEA/PPD), in cooperation with the Syria Regional Platform Public Diplomacy (SRP PD) office of the U.S. Department of State, is pleased to announce this preliminary round (one of two) for organizations to submit a Statement of Interest (SOI) to carry out a public diplomacy program (or programs) to advance U.S. foreign policy goals and objectives for Syria.

U.S. Policy Goals and Objectives for Syria

  • Expanding Humanitarian Access:  Support the removal of barriers to aid delivery to address humanitarian needs across Syria
  • Accountability and Justice:  Support efforts to hold the Assad regime accountable for its gross violations of human rights and international norms
  • Political Process:  Laying the foundation for, and generating momentum towards, a political solution to the Syrian crisis consistent with UN Security Council Resolution 2254
  • The Enduring Defeat of al-Qa’ida and ISIS: Preserving the U.S. military presence and partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces to maintain pressure on ISIS and al-Qa’ida
  • Supporting Ceasefires:  Supporting international and/or local agreements to reduce levels of violence

Funding Information
Number of awards anticipated: Two (2) awards
Award amount: $500,000 each
Total available funding: $1,000,000.00 (based on availability of funds)
Type of Funding:  FY-2022 Smith Mundt Public Diplomacy Funds
Anticipated program start date: October 1, 2022 (10-01-2022)
Priority Region: Non-regime held areas of northeast Syria
Participants and Audiences:  Syrian citizens in non-regime-held areas of northeast Syria, with a particular emphasis on at-risk youth.

Eligibility Criteria
The following organizations are eligible to apply:

  • U.S. and/or foreign not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations
  • U.S. and/or foreign public and private educational institutions
  • U.S. and/or foreign public international organizations and governmental institutions

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