Security Research and Study Opportunities

Is Security Possible?

Globalization processes and technological development have changed the concept of security. What we call security now is different from what security was perceived decades ago. The term national security is rarely used to define a security issue within certain borders. Security is an international concept now. Security is no more about danger of military intervention only. It is about global dangers and cybercrimes, international terrorism, climate change and a lot more.

Is security possible at all? Where does security of one nation finish and the others’ start? Is diplomacy, mediation or international negotiations sufficient to ensure security? Is it always about states or individuals can also become a danger to security? These and many other questions make a broad curriculum of those students, who chose to get a degree in security studies.

Security issues go in line with peace, development, political and international relations studies. This is a multidisciplinary discipline, that focuses on critical analysis of historical, political and technical aspects of national, regional and international security. A major attention is paid on how effective are current security policies, and which are the main stakeholders involved in making these policies real.

Students of degree programs on security studies, as well as practitioners, can benefit from a wide range of research opportunities, workshops and conferences, summer and winter schools, as well as a pool of internship opportunities.

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