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Summer School - Out of Enchantment: Fairy Tales in Pop-Culture and History, 2022, University of Tartu, Estonia

Publish Date: Apr 06, 2022

Deadline: Jun 19, 2022

Event Dates: from Aug 01, 2022 12:00 to Aug 07, 2022 12:00

The course will provide an insight into fairy tale studies and will include a broad analysis of both folk tales and fairy tallish stories, adopted by contemporary cinematography.
The objective of this course is to describe the core structure of the tale and fairy tale characters, which are recognizable in movies and screen adaptations. During the course, we will find out why Harry Potter is the Dragon Slayer and which folk tales correlate with this story; why Daenerys Targaryen is the mother of dragons, and who else gave miraculous birth to fantastic creatures; and figure out why hero(ine)s need supernatural powers. We will also get familiar with the main features of the hero(ine), how they have changed during the last century and how gender and queer theories impact the female characters and the outcome of the tales.

Course leader
Alina Oprelianska

Course aim
Students will familiarise themselves also with old versions of the tales, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, tales about Dragon Slayer, and Little Red Riding Hood as well as get to know the local versions of the tales.

Students will learn how to recognise basic fairy tale motifs, the structure of the tale story, the typical hero(ine)s, and the course of the plot in modern screen adaptations regarding the folk fairy tale structure. We will learn to rethink well-known stories from a new perspective, including social contexts, the concept of beauty, empowerment; as well as trace changes and transformations in the stories, using both core and newest theories and approaches to fairy tale studies.

Fee info
EUR 250: Students are responsible for their travel, accommodation and travel insurance (visa arrangements if needed) from their home country to Tartu and back to their home country. It is recommended to visit the Tartu Welcome Centre website and Student Hostel website to find accommodation opportunities. It is possible to take a bus from Tallinn Airport to Tartu Coach Station (180km). 

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