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Summer School - Paediatric Sport and Exercise Medicine, 2022, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Publish Date: Mar 19, 2022

Deadline: Jul 10, 2022

Event Dates: from Aug 22, 2022 12:00 to Aug 26, 2022 12:00

Exercise is medicine for healthy children as well as for children with chronic disease. This course will give a thorough introduction in paediatric sport and exercise medicine. During this week you will learn the application of physiological knowledge in clinical practice. We will have several practicals during this week. There will be demonstrations how to do a cardiopulmonary exercise test, field fitness test and body composition.
Paediatric health professionals now acknowledge the utility of exercise and exercise testing in diagnosis, treatment, and the primary and secondary prevention of chronic childhood conditions. Exercise testing has also been acknowledged as a useful tool in the monitoring of disease states and in assessing response to therapy. In this course we will summarize and discuss some of the current evidence and understanding of clinical paediatric exercise physiology focusing on the work our research group in the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital and others have performed in the last decade in a variety of chronic conditions. There will be demonstrations how to do a cardiopulmonary exercise test, field fitness test and body composition.

Course leader: Tim Takken, PhD

Target group
Students (Ba, MSc, PhD) as well as professionals working in the field of sports or health care are welcome.

Course aim
This course aims to increase students' knowledge about paediatric sports end exercise medicine. In addition, the lectures and practical sessions provide the students more insight in the clinical exercise physiology research performed in the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital of the UMC Utrecht and in the Shared Utrecht Pediatric Exercise Research Laboratory (SUPER-lab).

Fee info
EUR 500: Course + course materials + lunch
EUR 200: Housing fee (optional)

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