Get a Free Consultation from ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management, France

Publish Date: Jul 22, 2019

Get a free consultation from ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management (France) 

The best business school in France invites to undergraduate and graduate programs! ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management has established itself as the leading business school in the region. Since its creation in 1919, the school has welcomed more than 12,000 graduates. Throughout its 100 years of existence, the business school has strived for developing future managers able to lead. The students possess the knowledge, tools and mindset required to bring on change in the business wolrd and make a difference.

The school adapts a concept that assures a multicultural environment and combines theory with practice. That is guaranteed through the international faculty team, dynamic courses, integration of practical experience and vibrant student life.

France requirements for international students

France propose a world-class higher education institutions in an international environment. The application process for international students is exactly the same as it is for french students but it's indispensable to contact with a platform “Etude in France” and the regional department of “Campus France” (a public institution in charge of promoting higher education and managing the reception and international mobility of students).

Higher education is thus provided by two main types of institution: universities and "grandes écoles". «Grandes écoles» are the most reputable of the French education system. To win admission students get in by competitive examination, the institutions are relatively small, and classes in them small too. French universities are open to all “bacheliers”, or a student whom has passed their baccalaureate, and it's also easier to apply for the university program. 

It is necessary to point out that the European local or an international student have to complete the application process in its entirety,  as well as submit all documentation at the time of submission so the process suit to the ground for the students all over the world. Students are eligible for grants and other financial assistance from the government to support study in France.

Why study here?

  1. International programmes

Undergraduate and postgraduate programs fully taught in English.

  • Bachelor in International Management

  • Master in Management

  • Master of Science (Project Management, International Digital Marketing, Control, Audit & Corporate Finance and Business Intelligence & Analytics)

2) Rankings

ESC Clermont is one of the world’s 5% of the business schools which are AACSB-accredited, one of the most important accreditations for business schools worldwide. It also one of the best business schools in France and Europe according to the Financial times ranking.

3) Academic Excellence

The school of management is one of the oldest business schools in France. Since its establishment in 1919, the school had a track of success in graduating business leaders through its faculty of experienced teachers and professionals.

4) Strong partnership and corporate network

ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management has partnerships with over 100 leading international business schools and universities. The school also has close ties to many national SMEs and international corporations.

5) Top quality of student life

Clermont-Ferrand, located at the heart of France, is one of the best student cities in the country with 42,000 students. The city is also among the cheapest and most affordable.

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