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September 30, 2018

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International Youth Math Challenge


The IYMC competition enables you to unleash your potential, creativity, and math skills! The International Youth Math Challenge is one of the biggest online math competition for students from all around the world. Win awards and cash prizes worth over 500 USD, qualify for the final round, become official IYMC ambassador in your country, or join the international IYMC network for outstanding students - take this unique opportunity and participate today.

You find the IYMC challenge for the qualification round 2018 with five math problems on this page. To qualify for the pre-final round you have to solve at least three (age under 18) to four (over 18) of the problems correctly. The math problems vary in topic, difficulty, and subject. The problems range from geometry to number theory to make sure that everyone finds interesting problems to work out! This competition will not only sharpen your mind but also prove your math skills.

Prizes and Awards

The prizes and awards worth a total of 500 USD:

All participants (regardless of the results) receive participation certificates to honor their efforts. The best students can achieve the 1. prize, 2. prize, and 3. prize as well as special awards for the best students from each region:

1. Prize 200 USD Cash Prize, Special 1. Prize Certificate

2. Prize 150 USD Cash Prize, Special 2. Prize Certificate 3. Prize 100 USD Cash Prize, Special

3. Prize Certificate All Finalists Special Finalists Certificate All Participants Official Participation Certificate + Special Honour for digital Submission What is the ”Special Honour for digital Submission”? : All participants that use professional computer programs (e.g. TeX) to write down their solutions receive a special honorary note on their certificates, since this skill is important for the future career of all students. Because IYMC is an international competition, we honor the best participants from each region of the world with a special certificate (not all countries are listed below):

• Best Participant from Europa (includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Czechia, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, etc.)

• Best Participant from Greater Middle East (includes Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Oman, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, etc.)

• Best Participant from Africa (includes Nigeria, Namibia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Gambia etc.)

• Best Participant from South Asia (includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.)

• Best Participant from (South)East Asia (includes China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.)

• Best Participant from America (includes USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, etc.) Do I receive a hard copy of the certificate? We will send hard copies of the certificates to all prize winners and to the best participants of each region. All participants and finalists will receive a soft copy of the certificate via email (in order to protect the environment). 

We understand the crucial role of teachers and schools for mathematical education. Because of that, we award three school awards to honor the efforts of the teachers and the school (the awards are not connected to cash prize):

• IYMC School Award for Most Participants: This award receives the school with the most overall participants of the qualification round to honor the efforts of the teachers for encouraging students to participate in mathematical competitions.

• IYMC School Award for Most Finalists: This special award receives the school with the most students participating in the pre-final and final round.

• IYMC School Award for Excellence: This award receives the school with many outstanding students that have achieved high results throughout the overall competition to honor the quality education. The organizers decide which school receives the award.

Further Achievements

Participating in international competitions is important for the personal development of students and it is a great achievement for your career. Furthermore, to participate in IYMC is a unique experience that will bring encouragement and motivation to all youths.

Global IYMC Network:

Winners and former participants of IYMC become part of the IYMC network: This network consists of outstanding and talented students from all around the world! It enables you to get in touch with inspiring youths and to connect with students worldwide. If you have successfully participated you will receive all information from us. 


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