Non Degree Education and Academic Programs

Non-degree education and opportunities worldwide

Non-degree programs are designed to offer a unique way of continuing education. These type of programs do not complete with a degree, but are substituted with a certificate or a diploma. For those students or practitioners, interested in career promotion and education advancement, who do not want to pursue an academic or professional degree, but want to formally enrol in classes, the non-degree program is an excellent chance to progress towards their goals.

Depending on college or University requirements the students, enrolling in non-degree programs, are expected to have a certain level of academic background, professional experience, and sometimes even engagement in community development initiatives. In most of the cases undergraduate education is a prerequisite for enrolling in non-degree programs. Students attending these programs are, usually, referred to as “visiting” or “special”. Even if the program is non-degree, it still offers a chance to earn credits, and this is the best perspective for those, who still consider applying for a graduate degree. Online programs are the best solution for those, who can’t reschedule their tight working agenda.

The non-degree option can suit also those, who are interested to take a full Master course, but not take the final exams and write a thesis. In this case these students will complete the course with a diploma and not a degree.

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ARMACAD offers vast opportunities, for those looking for non-degree programs. Its catalogue of continuing education has a full list of online and on-campus non-degree programs amongst other degree level programs.