CfA - Research Fellowships in Language Sciences 2018, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Italy


June 26, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - CfA - Research Fellowships in Language Sciences 2018, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Italy

 18 months fellowship program for European Union member countries.

– Requirements for participation in selection procedure

1. Citizens belonging to European Union member states and noncommunity citizens in possession of the following qualifications may take part in the selection: Ph.D. Degree in Language Sciences Master's degree or Certification in Teaching Italian as a second or foreign language, and appropriate scientific-professional curriculum for the research activities.

2. Qualifications obtained abroad will be examined by the Committee, which may consider them as being equivalent for the purposes of admission, without prejudice to the current laws.

3. Candidates must be in possession of the requirements at the deadline established by this selection procedure announcement.

4. The following are not eligible for fellowships and are therefore automatically excluded from participation in the selection procedures: persons who have a degree of kinship or affinity, up to and including the fourth degree, with a professor belonging to the department or to the facility issuing the call for applications, or with the Vice Chancellor, the Director-General or a member of the University Board of Directors.

5. The following are not eligible for fellowships: permanent employees of the universities, public research institutions and bodies, the National Council for New Technology, Energy and the Environment (ENEA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), institutions whose scientific specialisation diploma has been recognised equivalent to the title of PhD.

6. Private employees can’t be grant holders.

7. Candidates are admitted to the selection conditionally; the University will exclude, by motivated provision, candidates who are lacking the prescribed requirements. Said provision is notified to the party concerned by registered letter with recorded delivery or by telegram on the request of the party concerned.

8. In any case the grant will be awarded having regard to the art. 18 of the regulation on the research fellowship.


Selection Committee

1. A Selection Committee is purposely set up, appointed in accordance with art. 9 of the Regulations, to award the research fellowships.

2. Prior to examination of the applications, the Committee determines the general criteria for evaluation of the scientific-professional qualifications required for participation in selection, the possible preliminary tests, the interview and the evaluation criteria described in articles 2 and 5, with regard to their specific relevance to the research activity subject of this call and establishes, for each type of qualification, the score to be attributed, in accordance to the evaluation grid defined by the Regulations on Research Fellowship Awarding (see att. B).

3. The selection reports will be approved by decree of the Director of Department/Centre and made public as established by art. 10 par. 5 of the Regulations on Research Fellowship Awarding.

Assessment procedure

1. The selection is made by assessment of the scientific and professional qualifications, the curriculum vitae and scientific production of the candidates, followed by an interview.

2. Candidates are admitted to the interview on the basis of assessment of their scientific-professional qualifications. The interview aims to assess the candidates’ skills and expertise on the following areas: - knowledge and competences regarding research and training experience in Interlinguistic and intercultural mediation, in teaching Italian as a second language, in intercultural communication, experiences and scientific projects in the field of teaching Italian to foreigners in formal and non-formal contexts; expererience in managing softwares for researching purposes. - Italian language competence (of non-Italian candidates); - English language competence of all candidates.

3. Candidates whose qualifications are judged to be insufficient by the Selection Committee, in accordance with the previous art. 4, are excluded from the interview. The candidate must reach a minimum threshold of 42/60.

4. Exclusion is justified in detail in the selection reports which can be accessed in accordance with law 241/90, and as established also in the subsequent art. 8.

5. In addition to possession of a Ph. D the following qualifications are considered preferential:

a. master's degree or Certification or High Training Course in Intercultural communication

b. certification in teaching Italian as a second language

c. certfication in Intercultural and Interlinguistic mediation

d. pertinent scientific publications

e. professional teaching experience in training and researching in teaching Italian as a second language and in Intercultural and Interlinguistic mediation

6. In the case of foreign candidates resident outside Italy, and candidates who reside over 200 km from the selection centre, the interview can be held by video, subject to consent of the Selection Committee and once technical feasibility has been verified. 

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