International Youth Forum - Greater Europe Meetings, 24-28 July 2018, France


June 15, 2018

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July 24, 2018 - July 28, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - International Youth Forum - Greater Europe Meetings, 24-28 July 2018, France

Greater Europe Meetings 2018: EU-EAEU Diplomatic School 

What is it all about?

Current political differences may divide Greater European countries with invisible walls and hinder interaction in many spheres of social cooperation, but they can hardly downgrade their civilizational and cultural closeness as well as economic interdependence. The sixth annual Forum “Greater Europe Meetings: Paris 2018” will gather young people from all the European countries in Paris, motivated by the idea of building a common economic, cultural, political and security space on the whole European continent from Lisbon to Vladivostok, based on historical ties and modern complementarity of European countries.

This year, the Forum will be held in the form of the EU-EAEU Diplomatic School dedicated to analysis and discussion of various ways of possible integration of these entities. The Diplomatic School will consist of three modules: Lectures – Workshops – Negotiations. Each module includes intensive knowledge-sharing and developing of communication & negotiation skills.

This Programme structure will give the Forum participants, young leaders from all over Greater Europe, an opportunity to learn from respectable diplomats and politicians, discuss the future of international relations in Greater Europe with current decision makers, acquire diplomatic skills, build an international network and learn how to work in international teams, take an initiative and implement their own ideas, bringing positive change to Greater Europe.

The Forum “Greater Europe Meetings" is held by the Youth Association for a Greater Europe (YAGE) – an organization run by a group of youth who believe that the Greater European continent, stretching from the EU member states to Russia, can achieve greater stability and continuity by building a climate of trust and understanding among its youth.


The EU-EAEU Diplomatic School is open to students and early-career professionals under 35 years old living in the EEA, the CIS and Eastern Partnership countries. Priority will be given to participants with the background of or strong and profound interest in International Relations, European Studies and similar fields. 

The working language of the School is English, so good communication skills are essential. If you need a Visa to travel to France, we will issue an invitation letter for the Embassy.


The participation fee is €250. This covers lectures, workshops and other Forum events, as well as meals and accommodation. The fee doesn’t cover travel, visa and insurance expenses.

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