Call for Proposal - Policy Fellowship Initiative Spring 2018, Open Society Foundations, Armenia

Publish Date: Jan 26, 2018

Deadline: Feb 12, 2018



The Open Society Foundations Armenia (OSFA) works to build vibrant and tolerant democracies with governments accountable to their citizens. Human rights, transparency, access to justice, promotion of civil society and social inclusion are among Foundations’ core areas of concern. Aiming to provide a rapid response to the challenges of open and pluralistic society, and in its quest for an empowered civil society, OSFA announces Call for Proposals for the Policy Fellowship Initiative (PFI) Spring 2018. The Initiative invites applications from policy researchers who are willing and prepared to carry out rigorous and innovative research identifying the most critical open society challenges, developing practical solutions, and advocating for such by maximizing the impact of their research.

The fellowship also aims to enhance the capacity of researchers in influencing public policy‐making processes, and encourages proactive cooperation between independent researchers, civil society organizations, and decision‐makers to reach a higher quality of policy analysis and research-based dialogue.


The PFI Program is open to civil society representatives, university faculty, policy researchers, analysts, policy advisers and specialists. The applicants must have at least an MA degree in Public Policy and Administration, Political Science, Law, Economics, International Relations, or any other related field. Experience in policy analysis and advocacy is desirable. Strong research skills are highly valued. Availability of fellows to devote significant time to the fellowship is a must. Fellowship applications for projects last up to five months and are accepted from individuals only.


Applicants are expected to identify and conceptualize specific problems in the framework of bigger challenges in Armenia today, conduct policy research and contribute to public discourse by promoting policy concerns, and proposing solutions to identified problems. Fellows are expected to question policies and reforms, formulate concerns based on reasoned arguments and apply appropriate methodological techniques. Fellows should provide a structured and informed reporting in the form of a policy paper (within 10,000 word-limit) and a policy brief with clear recommendations.  The promotion of public discourse is characterized by effectively impacting decision-making. Fellows are expected to delegate time to advocacy of their research. To promote a policy concern, Fellows are expected to design and follow an advocacy plan, including identifying relevant decision-makers, groups and allies, initiating targeted consultations, engaging in various formats of public communication and networks to stay updated on the policy developments.

Application procedures

Applicants are required to submit Policy Fellowship Initiative Spring 2018 Application Form by carefully addressing the specific framework designed for proposal submission and evaluation.  All applicants will be informed about the results of competition in a period of six weeks after the submission deadline. Shortlisted applicants might be invited to attend an interview.


Fellows will receive individual grants up to $3,000 (USD) to cover research‐related costs.


OSFA provides assistance in policy analytical capacity building and development for Fellows. All successful Fellows participate in a mandatory seminar in Yerevan on the value of policy analysis, problem formulation and methodology, and are exposed to an advanced experience in policy intervention and advocacy. On a competitive basis, and per requirements of the policy concern and advocacy, the Program also provides an opportunity to participate in regional (including participants from Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan) networking and capacity building seminar organized by the Central European University in Budapest. Fellows are expected to actively participate and contribute with their expertise to the policy discussions and meetings organized regularly by the OSFA, and other partner civil society organizations.

Application deadline and contacts

All interested applicants are required to submit the Application Form (Appendix 2)

and supporting documents (resume and a sample of previously conducted research) to OSF‐Armenia via email: by: February 12, 2018 17:00

Applications are submitted electronically. Applicants will receive an electronic confirmation of application receipt to their e‐mail in a period of two working days after submission. If no confirmation email is received -- contact us. For questions and additional information, please contact Policy Fellowship Initiative Coordinator Valentina Gevorgyan by email: or phone: (+374 10) 533 862; 536 758.

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