Public Administration Research and Study Opportunities

Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in Public Administration

Public Administration is a way to make positive change in the community, society and country. Effective enforcement of public policies is about bringing solutions to people and improving their environment.

Degree programs in public administration drive transformational leaders through an extensive learning process, where they learn to manage, lead, communicate and impact public policies. Universities worldwide provide academic and professional training, fellowships, internships and mentoring in public administration.

The interdisciplinary undergraduate program on public administration builds capacities of future “change makers” in public sector. They acquire knowledge in human resources and change management, strategic planning and organizational behavior, history of public policies and budgeting.

Graduate programs deliver knowledge and skills management and leadership, political institutions and economics, policy research and analysis. Important aspects of public administration, such as transparency and accountability, community involvement and grassroots advocacy are central in graduate programs.

Students, doing PhD in public administration, engage in academic communities, which impact public policies and administration through advanced applied and theoretical research. This is an excellent opportunity to facilitate positive change through action research and network with outstanding academics.

Graduates of public administration programs envision career with central and local government, international organizations and non-profits.

Online Degree in Public Administration

If you can’t leave your home or job, that does not mean at all that you can’t get a degree online. Top Universities of the world foster access to education, through developing and delivering online degree and non-degree programs on public administration.

How Can ARMACAD Help to Find Scholarships and Fellowships in Public Administration?

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