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Summer School - Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine, 2-12 July 2019, Netherlands

Publish Date: Jan 25, 2019

Deadline: Apr 07, 2019

Event Dates: from Jul 02, 2019 12:00 to Jul 12, 2019 12:00

Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine

To go with the flow

The Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Summer school is a one-week interactive school for master, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and healthcare practitioners who want to learn about the complexities of regenerative medicine in cardiovascular biomedical research.

In the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering scientific disciplines including medicine, biology, materials science, engineering and chemistry to name a few, are joint to tackle the challenging problem of restoring tissue function. Regeneration of tissue damage is a complex process that involves inflammation, wound healing and remodeling. This process comprises of a microenvironment in which an intricate interplay of cells, mediators and extracellular matrix accomplish regeneration. The post-damage microenvironment of tissues requires a stringent regulation, without which adverse reactions, such as fibrosis may develop. In several diseases tissue damage may extend beyond the intrinsic repair capacity of the human body. Therefore, Regenerative Medicine aims at the regeneration of damaged tissues or organs by employing and augmenting physiological regeneration mechanisms by application of stem cells, mediators and biomaterials.

During this summer school on cardiovascular regenerative medicine, the problem will be addressed from various angles. Guest lectures from clinically oriented scientists with a variety of different backgrounds ranging from e.g. medicine, cell biology, materials science and chemistry are combined with visits to companies which are involved in commercializing regenerative medicine one way or another.

You will take part in an interactive programme designed for students with different scientific backgrounds, needed to address regenerative medicine, to jointly provide innovative solutions for cardiovascular problems. These solutions are formulated during and presented at the end of the event. The process is supported by excellent lectures and workshops provided by experts in the field. To enhance the general knowledge, a Journal Club is organized in which teams provide their fellow CAVAREM-students with additional information obtained from pre-selected high profile reviews. Interpreting and presenting these reviews on the different general topics discussed during the Summer School will assist in the development of novel concepts for “curing” cardiovascular disease via regenerative methods as will be presented by each group at the end of the Summer School.

The summer school combines a scientifically challenging topic that is highly relevant for society with an easy-going atmosphere and an excellent social program with plenty of possibilities to enjoy the exciting city of Groningen.

General information


The fee includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Participation in the programme
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Coffee/tea
  • Excursions
  • City tour and welcoming drinks

For those who do not need accommodation, the fee is reduced.


Students should arrive in Groningen on the Sunday preceding the programme (1 July 2018). In the afternoon we will give an introducing biking course to the participants. Bike will be provided, of course anyone has the right to choice not to use it. Afterwards we will go on a tour around Groningen accompanied by a professional tour guide. On Monday 2 July, the educational program starts. Each morning there is a breakfast in the hotel. Each day there are interactive lectures and journal club sessions in the morning and in the afternoon. The final names of the lecturers are to be published soon.

We have planned different social activities such as welcoming drink, international dinner, BBQ and many more. Lunch and dinners are organized by us for the applicants (except in the weekend, where only breakfast is included).

Housing info

  • Accommodation will be included in the fees
  • Participants who have local housing available can pay the reduces feeds (excluding housing)

 Housing (10 nights, from Tuesday 2nd July, 2019 to Thursday 11th July, 2019), in an international student house is available for the summer school students. For more information about the accommodation, please visit the central housing page.

 Please note: We will arrange the housing for each participant only for the time period mentioned above. If participants arrive earlier or wish to stay longer, they have to arrange housing for that particular night themselves.

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