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March 01, 2021



UCM Tuition fee waiver

At UCM, we do not want finances preventing talented students from becoming part of our academic community. We recognise that some applicants from EU/EEA countries may be unable to pay the UCM tuition fee, which is higher than the national tuition fee set by the Dutch government. We therefore offer a tuition fee waiver for these applicants to cover the difference between the two fees.

Who is eligible?

All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • You are applying for the Liberal Arts & Sciences programme of UCM
  • You hold an EU/EEA passport
  • You do not have personal funds available
  • You do not have parents or guardians who are able to support you financially
  • You do not have access to maintenance grants
  • You do not have access to subsidised loans

Duration of the UCM Tuition fee waiver

The UCM Tuition fee waiver is awarded for the duration of the Bachelor’s programme, with a maximum of 36 months.

Amount of the UCM Tuition fee waiver 2021/22

The Tuition fee waiver covers the difference between the UCM tuition fee and the national tuition fee set by the Dutch government. 

Application deadline
The deadline for applications is 1 March 2021.


Application procedure

Step 1: Register for the Bachelor’s programme Liberal Arts & Sciences at UCM via Studielink  

Step2: Simultaneously submit a waiver request along with your UCM application in the MyUM portal. The request for a waiver should include the following documents:

  • A letter stating the reasons for your inability to pay  
  • Official documentation of financial situation, such as recent (parental) tax return and/or statements of personal wealth

Please note: waiver requests received after the application deadline or separate from your UCM application cannot be processed.

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