Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood Program 2020,

College of Europe

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Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood

Developing knowledge-based European journalism relating to Europe’s neighbours, through educational activities delivered by the Natolin Campus of the College of Europe
Market analysis

on the two ENP regions and EU – expertise that looks at many factors of media markets in selected countries.

Digital component

set of on-line knowledge-based courses that looks into topics related to media market and journalism, including regional studies and environmental backgrounds of selected ENP regions.


organised by the College of Europe in Poland and beyond: the Project will comprise of several editions of tailored-made trainings and study visits conducted by international experts.

Follow up assignments

contest/competition for the project participants, devoted to the elaboration of high-quality journalistic materials.

The project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen knowledge-based journalism and the capacities of communication / media centres, freelancers, and multipliers, located in both EU and ENP countries, in reliable, professional and data-driven reporting, encompassing the national characteristics of and expertise in EU-ENP mutual relations and regional ethnography

Deepen knowledge

of journalists to exchange expert know-how between EU and ENP journalists, experts, gauging and reflecting the ‘true’ public opinion in ENP and EU states

Accompany journalists

in translating the theoretical knowledge into practical stories through stationary workshops (accompanied by study visits and field trainings) and followed up by country-based assignments

Target group

We are looking to address our activities to the following professional and social groups from the EU and ENP (South and East) countries:
  • Media professionals (reporters, journalists, editors, news managers, etc.)
  • Employees and representatives of non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, public institutions​, research and academic centres and other information multipliers, whose work-related activities primarily touch on journalism- and media-related topics.

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