Communication Studies Research and Study Opportunities

Degree in Communication Studies: A Prerequisite for Success

Communication is about building relations. Relations occur between people, organizations, governments. When people communicate properly they settle disputes. It is due to effective internal and external communication that the businesses run successfully. If the government fails to communicate with public, it is simply going to fail. And, finally, what happens when miscommunication occurs between authorities of different countries?

Degree studies in communication focus on three directions:

  • Human communications, which explores the role of communication in building human relations,
  • Corporate communication, which analyzes the importance of internal and external communications of business and non-profit organizations,
  • Political communication, facilitating interaction between public bodies and the society at large, as well as between different governments.

Bachelor and master degree programs in communications, definitely, differ in content and duration. But they both offer a variety of social science and humanity disciplines, that help to analyze, diagnose and settle communication problems. It is through practical training, lectures, research and critical analysis that students get comprehensive knowledge on theories, tools and methods of effective communication. PhD programs on communication engage students in advanced individual research and empirical study. These doctoral level studies prepare students for a promising career both in academic and research.

The career opportunities for graduates of communication studies are extremely diverse. They range from mass media and journalism to marketing and public relations. Communication specialists are of high demand in all sectors: public, private and charity.

Trainings in Communication

The majority of big businesses organize trainings in communication for their employees. Effective communication is an essential skill in resolving disputes, satisfying customers, building accurate and productive management, etc. Corporate trainings on communication are an excellent way to upgrade employee performance and advance business productivity.

Use ARMACAD to Find Programs on Communication

ARMACAD is an effective tool for those, who want to make their knowledge and skills on communication even more thorough. Use ARMACAD to find;

  • bachelor, master and PhD programs,
  • hands-on trainings and workshops for practitioners and students,
  • certificate programs,
  • summer and winter schools.