Summer School - Rome Fashion Shooting, European Institute of Design, 2022, Italy

Publish Date: Mar 05, 2022

Deadline: Jun 15, 2022

Event Dates: from Jul 01, 2022 12:00 to Jul 22, 2022 12:00

This course is held in English language
If you have a passion for fashion photography and you wish to build up your portfolio, or if you are looking for a creative experience, this program provides you with the technical and methodological skills to set up a fashion photoshoot in an outdoor location, in Rome, with a stunning backdrop, where thousands of years of history blend with the contemporary city. The teachers will guide you through the whole process, from the initial concept to the mood board, as well as the studio shooting, the choice of the external location, the organization of the creative team, and the management of the models, so that you can put together all the elements of the story you wish to tell.

Methodology and structure
Under the guidance of teaching staff, made up of well-known professionals, such as stylists, photographers, and make-up artists, and through both practical and theoretical lessons, you will become familiar with the international fashion industry and the equipment to be used, as well as with fashions and styles over the centuries. In addition, you will learn how to manage a creative team, choose the location, select the subjects, direct the shoot, and so on. During the first part, through a historical excursus into fashion photography and through a set of shoots in a studio, you will acquire the necessary cultural knowledge and technical skills. In the second part, you will deal with the development of the project, through the creation of a mood board and the choice of the location and of the clothes and accessories, so as to bring the static photoshoot to life. The program continues with the outdoor shoot, and lastly, with the selection of the photos, editing, and post-production operations.

Review, Editing, Portfolio
This last module guides you through the fundamental process of analyzing the material produced and selecting the best works and using digital editing depending on the objective to be achieved. The result is a portfolio organized with a clear visual storytelling and communication approach that fully testifies to the experience and the skills acquired for further professional development.

Admission requirements
For admission to summer courses, candidates must have an Upper Secondary School Diploma and a B2 level English knowledge and must be aged 18 or over at the date of registration*. For ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ courses, candidates must be registered on a university program in the same field of the chosen Summer course; have a Degree or professional experience in the disciplinary area of the chosen course. For those interested in the Accademia Aldo Galli courses.
* IED reserves the right to consider and accept candidates under 18 for admission to the course of study. For students aged under 18, admission may only be confirmed following a successful motivational interview.

Ideal Students
The program is open to high school graduates, university students, or professionals from other fields, who wish to have practical and intensive experience in the world of fashion and image. Applicants must have a high school diploma, an upper-intermediate knowledge of English (corresponding to B2 level), basic knowledge of photographic techniques (exposure, lenses, framing), and photo editing skills with Photoshop.

To begin the admission procedure, students must access their reserved area. The credentials for accessing the portal are sent directly by the Admission Advisor. Students that do not have yet the credentials should send a request through the website on the webpage of the relevant course, in order to obtain them. Once students have accessed the portal, they have to upload the required documents in the reserved area.

Documents mandatory for all courses:

  • A pre-enrolment form and privacy sheet filled out and signed (these documents are downloadable from the “documents” section in the students’ reserved area);
  • Copy of a valid ID document/passport for non-EU students;
  • Copy of high school diploma, translated into Italian or English;
  • Motivational letter (written in the language the course is to be taught in);
  • English language certificate issued by an authorized body. Students without a certificate must attend an interview on campus or via Skype.

Additional documents required for ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ courses only:

  • Degree certificate (or attendance certificate) and transcript;
  • Project portfolio;
  • Curriculum Vitae

Admission and Enrolment Confirmation

Once documents have been validated and the language and/or motivational interview (where required) conducted, the admission documents will be uploaded in the students’ reserved area. To complete the registration process, students must confirm their registration by returning the admission documents, duly filled out and signed, together with the payment receipt. Once the aforementioned documents have been received, and if the documentation is complete, students will find the registration kit in their personal area.

Tuition Fees: EUR 3,100 / course

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