Social Media Research and Study Opportunities

Why Choose Social Media Studies?

Media is an important tool to shape public opinion and change realities. Total digitalization of our life dictates new rules for media. Some of us watch television, listen to radio, read newspapers and magazines. But what majority of us does every day, or several times a day, we visit social media websites.

Social media is a powerful tool: it connects people with their friends and the world. It is a huge news making, opinion building and marketing tool. And, yes! Social media is a profession, it is a promising and well paid job. If your dream job is to explore and manage the online live that people live, then it is high time to look for a degree program in social media.

Academic Degree in Social Media

Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in social media boast interdisciplinary curricula to bring students closer to why and how people use social media. Students of bachelor degree programs in social media can choose from a variety of subjects to prepare for further studies and career:

  • History of media,
  • Digital marketing,
  • Social psychology,
  • Ethics,
  • Web design,
  • Communications and culture,

Undergraduate curricula is, certainly, not limited with these disciplines and offers a lot more.

Master degree programs offer a variety of more specialized concentrations with a view to support students achieve their career dreams. Students go deeper with theories of mass communication, development of social media strategies and building content.

Practice is vital when applying for social media jobs and students pursuing academic degrees are likely to look for internships. Additional practical studies, such as trainings, workshops, summer schools are excellent opportunities to network and learn.

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