Women in Leadership Scholarships 2021 for internatioanal Students, University of Applied Sciences Europe, Germany

Publish Date: Dec 07, 2020

Deadline: Jul 31, 2021

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (EU) offers a number of scholarship opportunities for exceptional prospective students. These partial scholarships are valid for the first year of study.

For all female EU and non-EU applicants who can demonstrate their leadership potential:
Candidates will be considered based on their motivational letter. The applicants will describe how theiracademic merit and where applicable their career success has provided them with leadership potential.Applicants may also draw on their experience from extra-curricular activities. Further, candidates will alsodescribe how the chosen programme will affect their professional and personal goals.
Application deadlines: 31st of January (summer semester), 31st of July (winter semester)


1. Scholarship applicants must apply for a scholarship at the same time as, or subsequent to, applying for a degree programme with the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

2. All information provided in the application form will be considered when applying for the University of Applied Sciences Europe Scholarships.

3. The scholarship amount is awarded at the University of Applied Sciences Europe’s discretion and constitutes a reduction in tuition fees payable to the University of Applied Sciences Europe. The scholarship amount awarded is 10% of the tuition fees of the first year of study.

4. Please note that scholarships cannot be combined with each other or with other discounts (except Sibling and Alumni discounts).

5. If you intend to postpone your place until the following intake, you will need to pay the remaining tuition fee.

6. The scholarship is not transferable to another student.

7. In the event that a student does not attend a programme through serious unforeseen circumstances (death, accident, or serious illness) a specific committee will examine each case on an individual basis.

8. Attendance is compulsory. An attendance rate of less than 90% will lead to scholarship withdrawal.

9. Any failure to start the course as scheduled without prior notification of the School’s authorities will lead to scholarship withdrawal.

10. The scholarship is for the ONE named person and the University of Applied Sciences Europe will not be responsible for a scholar’s family members/spouse/children etc.

11. The University of Applied Sciences Europe may also use information collected regarding the scholars in the School’s marketing activities; however, students’ addresses and telephone numbers will not be given out without permission from the student via a request from the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

12. The University of Applied Sciences Europe may feature your interview/photo/profile/story on the University of Applied Sciences Europe website and/or other School publications and will ask for your permission/approval prior to publishing this.

13. Please note that when requested scholars are required to show originals (not photocopies) of transcripts and documents submitted in evidence with their scholarship application, and present these to the Scholarship office, if there is any question of authenticity. If the University of Applied Sciences Europe discovers any documents that are NOT 100% genuine, the scholarship award will immediately be invalidated and withdrawn. The School accepts NO liability in this case.

14. It is the scholar’s responsibility to set a good example, e.g. strive for best results, attend classes, finish the course on time and continue to demonstrate the exemplary student attributes/grades by which he/she was awarded the scholarship.

15. By invitation only, scholars will take part in welcoming new students to the scholarship programme.

16. The University of Applied Sciences Europe Scholarship panel will not provide information regarding the non-awarding of scholarships and the panel’s decision is final.

17. The School reserves the right to investigate and possibly withdraw a person from the scholarship programme if there is adequate proven evidence of serious allegations of illegal activities.

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