Call for Proposals - PRACE Project Access 2020, Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, Belgium


April 28, 2020

Opportunity Cover Image - Call for Proposals - PRACE Project Access 2020, Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, Belgium
PRACE 20th Call for Proposals increases number of systems offering GPUs to researchers

The 20th Call for Proposals for PRACE Project Access received 59 eligible proposals, of which 45 were awarded a total of 2.11 billion core hours. This brings the total number of Project Access projects awarded to 779 since 2010. Taking into account the five multi-year projects from the 16th and 18th Calls that were renewed and will enter their third and second years respectively, and the 13.8 million core hours reserved for Centres of Excellence, the total amount of computing time awarded by PRACE to date totals nearly 25 billion core hours.

The 45 awarded proposals are led by principal investigators from 15 different countries. Several of these proposals also involve collaborators from the USA, Japan, India, Brazil and South Korea. In addition to resources, four awarded proposals will receive additional support from High-Level Support Teams (HLSTs).

Among the newly awarded proposals, six scientific domains are represented: 4 proposals are linked to the fields of Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Life Sciences; 9 to Chemical Sciences and Materials; 7 to Earth System Sciences; 13 to Engineering; 8 to Fundamental Constituents of Matter; and 4 to Universe Sciences.

The 20th Call for Proposals included an entirely new system and the second offered by PRACE after Piz Daint@ETHZurich/CSCS, Switzerland to offer GPUs: 11 proposals were allocated a total of 487 million core hours on Marconi100@CINECA, Italy. Overall, the 20th Call for Proposals offered researchers more GPU-based systems than any previous PRACE Project Access Call, with a near even split between these and CPU-only systems (985.85 and 1135.83 million core hours, respectively).

The 20th Call for Proposals was the second successive call to include an “Industry Access Track” which earmarked 10% of the total resources for proposals with principal investigators from industry. Two proposals were awarded through this track. High-fidelity Simulations of a Three-Dimensional Double Diffuser was awarded 50 million core hours on Joliot-Curie Rome@GENCI@CEA, France. This project will be led by Prof. Charles Hirsch from NUMECA (Brussels, Belgium) and is linked to the EU-H2020 project HiFi-TURB which aims to develop new turbulence models for separated flows, based on high-fidelity DNS data and their subsequent analysis by Artificial intelligence and big data methodologies. FULLEST – First fULL engine computation with Large Eddy SimulaTion was awarded 15,8 million core hours on Joliot Curie SKL@GENCI@CEA, France. This project will be led by Dr. Thomas Quirante from the Numerical Computation department at AKIRA (Bayonne, France) and aims to develop a methodology and carry out a Large-Eddy simulation of a 360° gas turbine representative of current engines to generating an accessible on-demand data-base that could be used to validate lower order methods.

Overall, the 20th PRACE Call for Proposals awarded resources to principal investigators whose work is funded by the following: ERC Advanced Grant (3), ERC Starting Grant (2), ERC Consolidator Grant (2), and Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellowship (4). In addition, resources were also awarded to Principal Investigators involved in H2020 (10) and EUROfusion (1) projects and one COST action.
All information and the abstracts of the projects awarded under the 20th PRACE Call for Proposals can be found here.

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