Ideas for Action Competition 2020, World Bank Group, USA

Publish Date: Jan 22, 2020

Deadline: Feb 28, 2020

Ideas for Action Competition 


Today’s youth will be responsible for implementing the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), approved by the UN in September 2015. The SDGs are an ambitious and transformative set of goals, covering a broad range of interconnected issues, from sustainable economic growth, to social issues, to global public goods. To realize this vision, a just-as-ambitious plan for financing and implementation is needed.

UN member states have endorsed a financing for development action agenda, outlining a wide range of different action areas and commitments for the international community. Youth engagement and innovation will be critical for success. The Ideas for Action competition engages young people from around the world to encourage them to develop and share their ideas for financing solutions to deliver the SDGs.

The competition is intended to help catalyze a global conversation among young people all around the world. Conversations happen virtually, over social media networks, and in person, and we hope that you will engage with others who share your passion for international development.

Team Registration: 

Teams must consist of two to six members and may be formed across different schools, institutions, companies, countries, nationalities, etc. We recommend that all teams register and sign up for updates below to receive the latest information on I4A programs and events leading up to the competition deadline


Students and young professionals between the ages of 18-35 years from around the world are invited to participate. 

Evaluation Criteria

The first round of submissions will be evaluated according to how well teams demonstrate the following 4 attributes:

• Significance: teams should be specific enough that they can go into some level of depth, but significant enough that it impacts a large number of people and/or businesses and nations.

• Originality and creativity: teams should present a solution that is original and creative; submissions should present ideas that are either undeveloped or severely underdeveloped in international development research and literature.

• Feasibility: teams should include a brief ‘roadmap to adoption’ that argues for the feasibility of the solution and addresses any obvious roadblocks; all submissions should be actionable and measurable; they should also be based in practicality rather than just theory. Teams are encouraged to tie their submissions to a particular country or region of the world.

• Clarity: teams should present their idea in a clear and concise manner. 

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