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Scholarship Opportunities for International Students


What the university offers

The Goethe Goes Global Scholarship offers:

- A monthly scholarship amount of 1,000€ for the standard period of a master’s programme at Goethe-University (generally 2 years)

- Support and orientation from an experienced master's student buddy during your studies

- Access to seminars focusing on professional skills at our Graduate Academy (GRADE), normally open only to PhD students and postdocs

- Access to an innovative research environment and networks that connect you with fellow scholarship holders and other advanced researchers

- Career support through Goethe University’s Research Support Office

If you opt to select a research unit in your application and the research unit is nominating you, you will receive: 

- The option of having excellent academic supervision by professors and academic staff who, in most cases, work in the distinguished research units at the university 

- The option to write your master's thesis and other seminar papers or do an internship in an appropriate research unit at the university

- Insight and involvement in the activities of multidisciplinary research groups at Goethe University

Deadlines and information on application results

When is the deadline for the Goethe Goes Global Scholarship?  The scholarship deadline expires  on the same date as the application deadline of the master's programme you apply for, i.e. you should submit your application for the degree programme and for the scholarship at the same time. For example, if the programme application deadline for Molecular Biotechnology is July 15th, the deadline for the Goethe Goes Global Scholarship is also July 15th.


Is the scholarship only geared towards foreign students or can German students apply as well? Both German and foreign students can apply. All applicants need to have completed at least two thirds of their bachelor’s degree (or another equivalent or higher degree) at a university outside of Germany and meet the other conditions mentioned on the website.

Financial Matters

When do scholarship recipients receive their first monthly scholarship award? The first payment can be expected in October.

Do scholarship recipients receive a fixed amount every month? Scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend of € 1,000 for the standard period of his/her master’s programme at Goethe University (generally two years; please note that for some programmes the standard period of study is one year only, e.g. for Sinology and History).

Do I need a German bank account for this purpose? Yes.

During your studies as a Goethe Goes Global scholar

Am I allowed to work during my studies if I receive the Goethe Goes Global scholarship? Yes, although it is not recommended as the completion of a programme within 24 months (12 months in some cases, e.g. Sinology and History) may be difficult to achieve. In any case, it is not allowed to work more than twenty hours a week on average.

What happens if I unexpectedly quit my studies before I graduate – do I have to pay back parts of the scholarship? You will have to explain the reasons for your decision to discontinue your studies and must let us know immediately. Unfortunately, in this case you will not be eligible to apply for the scholarship in the future.

Will I have a mentor whom I can contact if I have questions and problems? A student buddy and a mentor will be assigned to you. The student buddy is able to help you with getting to know the university and help you with general questions. An academic mentor will help you with subject related questions.

Do I have to submit additional documents proving my successful progress during my studies?After you have completed the first half of your programme, you will have to submit a progress report (incl. transcript of records) proving your successful performance in the master’s programme in order to receive further funding (for some programmes e.g. Sinology and History the standard period of studies is one year. It is not necessary for these programmes to submit a progress report).

If I choose a particular research unit, does it mean I have to study the topic of this research unit during my master’s studies? As a matter of principal, you are only required to follow the rules of your master’s programme. However, it is highly desirable and beneficial for your career if you use this as a chance to contribute to your research field of interest.

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