Conflict Studies Research and Study Opportunities

How to Resolve Conflicts without Violence?

Conflict studies is a multidisciplinary program, that explores the roots and causes of conflicts between humans, countries and alliances. Academic programs offer to explore conflicts from various perspectives of political science, international relations, globalization, forced migration, organized crime, etc. The conflict, arising between humans, is one of dimensions of this program and it drives students into the field of psychology.

Bachelor programs in conflict studies help students explore the role of international organizations and other peace makers in resolving conflicts, as well as links between conflicts and development, non-violent means of conflict resolution. Master degree students acquire more specialized knowledge in conflict resolution through developing critical and analytical thinking. The list of courses, that graduate students can take, include political thought and analysis, human security and human rights, media studies and international politics.

Skills development is an integral part of both bachelor and master programs in conflict studies. Students participate in various personal development trainings, such as mediation, negotiations, leaderships, resolution, etc.

Students of PhD programs on conflict studies engage in individual research on various dimensions of peace and conflicts, as well as military and non-violent means of conflict resolution. PhD program is an excellent chance for those, who are interested in vibrant academic or research career, as well as contributing to global efforts of conflict prevention and peace making.

Conferences, Workshops and Other Events on Conflict Studies

Workshops, conferences and symposiums bring together scholars and academics, students and practitioners, representatives on non-profit sector. Participants of these events discuss current challenges to peace and sustainable development, alternatives to military intervention in resolving conflicts and many other issues that global agenda prioritizes today.

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