15 Canon Research Fellowships to European and Japanese Researchers 2019


September 15, 2018



Opportunity Cover Image - 15 Canon Research Fellowships to European and Japanese Researchers 2019

15 Canon Research Fellowships to European and Japanese Researchers 

Annually, the Canon Foundation in Europe grants up to 15 Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers. European Fellows are expected to pursue a period of research in Japan whereas Japanese Fellows are expected to do their research in Europe. Canon Foundation Fellowships are for a minimum period of three months up to a maximum of one year. All fields of research are supported. There are no limitations or restrictions. Applicants do not have to be currently enrolled or employed at the time of applying.

Canon Fellows from Europe are free to choose their host institutes and hosts in Japan. The same freedom is given to Japanese Canon Fellows coming to Europe. Canon Foundation Research Fellowships may be applied for when an agreement on co-operation and on a research plan has been reached between the guest researcher and the proposed host institution. Applications can also be submitted by members of commercial, industrial, governmental or professional organizations.


All Europeans are eligible to apply (including Israel, Turkey, Balkan and Baltic countries). Europeans should have permanent citizenship in the country. Applicants should have obtained at least a Master's degree within the last ten years of applying to the Canon Foundation. Candidates who obtained their qualification more than ten years ago will also be considered as long as they provide further supporting information in their application. Please note that priority is given to applicants going to Europe and Japan for the first time. 

Application procedure for Fellowships

Consideration of the applications takes several months. The Selection Committee's final decisions will be emailed to applicants before the end of December of that year. Therefore, the earliest possible date to begin the Fellowship is January 1 of the following year. It is important to note that no correspondence is entered into by the Foundation in regard to decisions taken on any individual application and in view of a large number of applicants, no negative inference should be drawn from the failure of a candidate to secure a Fellowship.

The financial support for Research Fellows ranges from 22,500 Euro to 27,500 Euro per year and pro-rata for different periods. The Canon Foundation gives priority to those who plan to travel to Europe or Japan rather than prolong a current stay. Applications should be made through the online application form. After registering, you will be directed to the application form.


As part of the application procedure, you will be asked to upload the following:

  • Your research plan including an estimate of total costs(maximum 1 A4 sheet-2 sides)*
  • a confirmation from your host institute that research or work facilities will be made available to you
  • 2 reference letters from 2 persons who are in a position to comment on your academic or professional qualifications and on your previous work. The 2 referees can be different to the ones on your CV.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae*
  • Your highest academic degree or professional qualification obtained*
  • 1 passport size photograph of yourself*
  • A list of your academic publications or professional achievements in chronological order containing information on all authors, place and year of publication and page references.

*These documents MUST be uploaded at least before you can submit your application (1) your research plan (2) your Curriculum Vitae (3) your Doctoral/Degree or highest qualification/certificate (4) Passport-sized photograph

Your application will be complete on receipt of the 2 reference letters AND the host confirmation letter. You can upload these documents yourself until 30 September OR they can be emailed or posted directly to us at foundation@canon-europe.com and they will be uploaded to your application. If you already submitted your application and are uploading documents at a later date, please click again on the SUBMIT APPLICATION button and it will be informed that a document has been added to your application.

After 30 September, the uploading facility will be closed for applicants so please email any other documents which still need to be uploaded, directly to the office and it will be uploaded for you. Because the form has been designed for applicants from the commercial, governmental and academic worlds, parts of the form may be more or less relevant. Applicants will also understand that for a proper appreciation of candidates, the information needs to be particularly comprehensive. Please note that successful applications may not receive the full amount that they request.

All applicants will be notified of the decision by email. Candidates should be aware that it is not the Foundation's policy to award Fellowships to those who are already in possession of a concurrent research grant aid from another Foundation authority.

Candidates are especially invited to note that no correspondence is entered into by the Canon Foundation in regard to decisions taken on any individual application and no negative inference should be inferred. For any questions concerning completing the application, please email the Canon Foundation at foundation@canon-europe.com

Success rate

The average success rate is around 10%. Funding decisions are based on the quality of the research plan, the reference letters and the host confirmation. The success rate is not influenced by gender, age and nationality. Between 1990 - 2016, a total of 363 Canon Research Fellowships were granted. 221 European Fellows and 142 Japanese Fellows were sponsored. European Fellows come from some 27 countries.

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