Summer University - Old Geopolitics, New Threats and Euroatlantic Security Order, 7-13 July 2018, Slovakia


May 25, 2018

Event Date:

July 07, 2018 - July 13, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer University - Old Geopolitics, New Threats and Euroatlantic Security Order, 7-13 July 2018, Slovakia

Summer University For Young Professionals 


The Summer University for Young Professionals is a week-long summer school tailored for early-career professionals from ministries of foreign affairs and defense, academic institutions, NGO’s and media, and students of the final years of university. It is an interactive forum consisting of lectures by Slovak and international experts, workshops, and informed discussions about the contemporary European and international security challenges. The goal is to contribute to professional development of young leaders in the field of security policy and international relations from the Central and Eastern Europe, Baltics, Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries by providing them with up-to-date knowledge and analysis on the most relevant issues of the European and Transatlantic security environment.


The main goal of the program is to learn ins and outs of crafting regional security assessment to key stakeholders and decision-makers covering different topics. The participants will be split into six groups, each of which will have to write a policy paper on one of the suggested areas:

  • Baltics: Small states deterrence strategies
  • V4: Prospects of illiberal democracies and neo-authoritarianism
  • Ukraine: Hybrid threats within
  • V4: Disinformation and counterreactions  
  • Western Balkans: Ethnic divisions and irredentism
  • Contested territories and frozen conflicts in the European Neighbourhood

The program will be divided into two main parts, consisting of lectures and workshops, with equal time-share between them. The first part will consist of introductory lectures with a general presentation on a given topic so that everyone can benefit from the program. The lectures will include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy security
  • Russian/Chinese foreign policy thinking
  • Securitisation or Extremism
  • NATO’s Adaptation to a New Security Environment
  • Contemporary Paramilitarism in Central Europe

These lectures will be given by an international team of decision-makers, policy experts, and academics. The second part of the program will cover methodological workshops. The participants will be practically engaged in topics such as policy paper writing, effective research or they will be group-discussing their regional security assessments’ drafts under the supervision of workshop leaders.


  • Young professionals in international relations and security, mainly from ministries of foreign affairs and defense, academic institutions, NGO’s and media 
  • Students of the final years of university and early-career professionals.
  • Working knowledge of English
  • Applicants from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.
  • Experience in international relations and security

Fee: 150€

The fee fully covers accommodation, local transport and three meals per day. The organizers will be able to cover half of the travel costs to Banska Bystrica up to 100€. Successful applicants will be contacted with specific information.

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