ACSS-FMSH Short-Term Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship Program in the Social Sciences and Humanities 2018


January 31, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - ACSS-FMSH Short-Term Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship Program in the Social Sciences and Humanities 2018


The Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH) and the Arab Council for the Social Sciences are pleased to announce the first call for applications for their joint program titled “Short-Term Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship Program in the Social Sciences and Humanities.” This program is designed to support the research of postdoctoral fellows from Arab countries and to strengthen research networking and collaborations between Europe and the Arab region.  
This competition is funded by FMSH and organized in conjunction with the ACSS. Short-term fellowships (2-3 months) will be available to individual researchers who are citizens and nationals of the Arab region, who have received their PhD degree within 0-6 years, and who wish to conduct research in France (including field research, library and archival work, as well as other types of data collection.)

Fellowship Details

Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of 1,600 € (paid at the beginning of each month of stay in France). The stipend is intended to cover accommodation, living and transportation costs, as well as research costs. In addition to the above, the ACSS and FMSH will cover the cost of one round trip ticket for each successful applicant from their country of residence to France.
FMSH will also provide support for obtaining a visa and will guide potential fellows on planning the logistics of their stay. This includes help with finding accommodation, contact with French research centers, and letters to libraries and archives.
The fellowship period is divided into two cohorts: the first cohort of fellows can take up their fellowship between May 2018 and July 2018, and the second cohort can take up their fellowship between September 2018 and November 2018. Fellows could choose between staying a minimum of two months or a maximum of three months in France. 

Eligibility Criteria

Nationality/Residence: Applicants must be citizens of an Arab country (defined as a member of the League of Arab States) or nationals of an Arab country (defined as long-term residents, even if they do not hold citizenship as in the case of refugees or stateless residents) and must reside in the Arab region. This program does not fund scholars who reside and/or work outside the Arab region. Priority will be given to scholars who are marginalized, at risk, or dispossessed.

Education: This program targets scholars who are 0-6 years out of a PhD program in the social sciences or humanities. Applicants should have obtained their PhDs at the time of application. In case the PhD was obtained from a university outside the Arab region, the applicant should have been a resident in the Arab region for at least the previous 2 years at the time of application. The program does not have any age restrictions.

Discipline: This program is open to PhD holders in the social sciences or humanities fields. This includes disciplines such as anthropology, demography, economics, history, political science, psychology, sociology, geography, law, and philosophy. Interdisciplinary fields are also accepted and include gender studies, cultural studies, media studies, development studies, and urban studies. Due to French funding restrictions, the program is not open to linguistics, archaeology, literary studies, and arts.

Position and Employment: Applicants can be affiliated with a public or private research institution but they do not necessarily need to have a permanent position. However they should be engaged in research in addition to teaching. The proposed projects could be either ongoing or new. 

French Host Institution: Before submitting their application, applicants must find a French research institution willing to host them during the time of their fellowship. Applicants must submit a letter from the hosting institution addressed to the FMSH and the ACSS expressing the institution’s willingness to host the applicant during the time of the fellowship and showing its ability to provide academic support and supervision to the prospective fellow during the period of his/her fellowship. Applicants who are not able to make contact with a French institution can visit SHSlab, where all French research centers are listed, or contact FMSH to ask for assistance at the following email:

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