Summer School - The Entrepreneurial Side of Business, 8 July - 2 August 2019, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Utrecht University


June 01, 2019

Event Date:

July 08, 2019 - August 02, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer School - The Entrepreneurial Side of Business, 8 July - 2 August 2019, Utrecht University, Netherlands

The Entrepreneurial Side of Business 

More and more, companies are looking for people who not only understand their own academic discipline but also have a basic understanding of business and entrepreneurship. Strange? Not at all! All sorts of business start with an idea, be it in arts, communication, design, food, gaming, health care, life science, mobility... But in order to be viable some basic elements must be in place like (product) development, communication, management, persuasion, financing and also selling.

This track comprises of four courses in which students learn about different aspects of business and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has become an essential topic in any curriculum not just an economics or business curriculum. Throughout the years we have hosted (international) students with a background in technical engineering, medicine, biomedical science, law, arts etc... Each of them coming to Utrecht University realizing that the entrepreneurial mindset and skills will benefit them in their future careers.

His special track consists of:

1. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice  

2. Strategic Entrepreneurship

3. Social Entrepreneurship

4. Entrepreneurial Marketing.

This four week track will get you up to date with some of the essentials. For more information on the separate courses please take a look at their respective course descriptions.

Course director

Drs. Peter O. van der Meer

Target audience

Students in the final phase of their bachelor/ undergraduate studies.

Course aim

Next to the individual course aims, the full track offers students an insight in the developing fields of business and entrepreneurship.

Study load

Four hours per day (at least). The course starts at 10AM and there will be a break at 12AM. After class students are expected to prepare assignments for the next day and work on a group projects.


Course fee

€ 1600

Housing fee

€ 650

Housing through Utrecht Summer School

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