Symposium/CfP - Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies, University Church of St Mary the Virgin, UK

Publish Date: Apr 19, 2017

Deadline: Jul 10, 2017

Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies at the Old Library of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford

The Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies is a forum for discourse and presentation of papers by scholars who have a particular interest in the study of religion. Canon Brian Mountford MBE, former Vicar of St Mary's Church and Fellow of St Hilda's College in the University of Oxford, will host the meeting.

You are invited to make a presentation and lead a discussion of a relevant aspect of religious studies, or you may wish to participate as a panel member or as an observer. Your disquisition must adhere to an abstract of about 300 words approved by the Programme Committee of the Symposium. You are, also, encouraged to submit a paper, in keeping with your abstract, which may be published in an appropriate journal, book of conference proceedings. All papers presented for publication or inclusion in books or sponsored journals will be subject to peer review by external readers.


  • Religion, Politics, and Public Discourse
  • Religion & Sustainability
  • Religions in Conflict
  • Gender and Religion
  • Separation of Church and State
  • State Funding of Church Schools
  • Women’s Health Care and Religions
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Religion and Racial Segregation
  • History of World Christianity
  • Religion in America
  • African American Religion
  • Religious Traditions of Africa and the African Diaspora
  • Asian Religions
  • East Asian Religions (Buddhism. Indigenous Traditions)
  • Indian Religions (Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism)
  • Islamic Studies
  • Judaic Studies
  • Secularism
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religious Ethics
  • Theology


Presentations for each session will be dependent upon the breadth and nature of the topic under consideration. 

The Symposium will have an enrollment of persons who have submitted approved abstracts. Others who do not wish to present papers may attend to observe and/or serve on panels. 

Papers presented at the Symposium must adhere to previously approved abstracts. Presenters are allocated approximately twenty (20) minutes to explain the salient points of their study. Presenters, in order to be concise may utilize PowerPoint. The Symposium’s interest in the dissemination research may be substantially enhanced by the attendance of persons who are not directly engaged in research, but may hold professional or governmental positions that provide opportunities for the implementation of research findings. Too, other researchers, who are not presenting papers at this session, may benefit by informing their own future research endeavours and designs.

Abstract Submissions

Abstracts can be submitted on the official website. August Meeting Abstract Submission Deadline -- 10 July. December Meeting Abstract Submission Deadline – 10 November.

Abstracts for the August and December Symposia will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning 1 April 2017. As presentation slots fill up, early submission and registration are encouraged.

Abstracts for the proposed papers are approved by the Programme Committee of the Symposium. The Committee evaluates the abstracts of the papers using four general criteria.

  • First, the presentation must advance knowledge as to theory and/or practice.
  • Second, the research supporting the paper must be well documented.
  • Third, content must evidence research competence.
  • Fourth, the paper, as finally submitted, must be well written, clear and stylistically correct.


Papers presented at the Symposia may be subsequently submitted for publication in the form of edited books, and/or journal articles, hardcopy or online. 

Deadline: (6 weeks after conclusion the symposium you attended). Email completed paper to Manuscripts submitted for publication must be original, not having been previously presented at another conference nor submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors of papers will be required to sign a consent to publish form. Submit manuscripts electronically as a Word document. A title page with authors’ names, etc., must be submitted as a separate page. Conform to the Chicago Manual of Style,16th edition. Manuscript must be fronted by an abstract, introduction and ended with a conclusion. All manuscripts must have references, but no bibliography.

Process: Manuscripts submitted are processed as follows: The staff initially reviews the manuscript. If the manuscript does not fall within the scope of the Symposium or is not formatted according to CMS, 16th ed., it will be returned to the author. 

If a manuscript is in accord with the guidelines, an email acknowledgment is sent to the author. All references to the author’s name and affiliation are to be removed and the manuscript is required to be submitted for blind review by academics with knowledge of the field within which the manuscript is categorized. With the advice of the reviewers, the Symposium Editor will make one of four decisions: accept, accept contingent upon revision, revise and resubmit, or reject. 

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