Radboud University Scholarships For Russian Citizens To Study in Netherlands

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Scholarships for Russian students

The Russian government has initiated a new scholarship programme to support Russians studying abroad, the Global Education Programme (GEP). The scholarship opened in September 2014 for Russian students studying abroad on Master's and PhD programmes.

Qualifying Disciplines

Students at Radboud University in the following disciplines may qualify for a grant:

• Architecture (Spatial Planning)
• Phototonics, Instrument-Making Industry, Optic and Biotechnological systems and technologies
• Health Science and Preventive Medicine
• Fundamental Medicine
• Clinical Medicine
• Pharmacy
• Biology
• Physics and Astronomy
• Physical Sciences and Technologies
• Mathematics and mechanics
• Earth Science
• Chemistry
• Education and Pedagogics


To be eligible for a scholarship the candidate should meet the following conditions:

• Russian citizenship
• Admitted to Radboud University (or another university from the list) in one of the selected disciplines
• Study full time at Master's or PhD level
• Ready to return to Russia upon completion of their studies and to obtain employment in accordance with the qualification gained for a period of 3 years ( you can find a list of employers on the official website of the Programme)

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers the following costs up to 1,381,000 rubles/year (ca. 22,400 EUR)
• Tuiton fee
• Living expenses
• Books
• Health Insurance
• Travel costs

Students may apply for a maximum of 2 years of scholarship.

The Global Education Programme (GEP) will last for 3 years (2014-2016). A total amount of 4.41 billion rubles is available for this period, or 1.47 billion per year. The assumed total number of grantees is at least 718.

Students who already receive a scholarship, e.g. from the European Union such as ERANET, Erasmus Mundus or other Master's grants do not qualify.


There are four competition rounds per year.  Register on the official program website and get the electronic queue number.

Eligible Countries
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September 16, 2016
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