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The History of Bucksmore Education

The story of Bucksmore Education begins in 1979 when British Educationalist Michael Reise founded a secondary school at Buckswood Grange. ‘Buckswood Summer Programmes’ was also established as a summer school for international students wanting to learn English.

The summer school was modelled similarly to American summer camps, with ‘Counsellors’ who live with students, teach lessons and lead excursions and activities, providing a higher level of pastoral care, guidance and friendship – giving students more than just ‘teachers’ at a summer school.

A considerable reputation was quickly built up due to the excellent standards of English language teaching and overall course enjoyment. As the reputation grew, Buckswood Summer Programmes began to expand, running more courses in new locations across the country.

In 1999, the English language summer school for international students split away from Buckswood School for English students, and in 2003 joined the Oxford International Education Group (formerly known as ISIS Education and Travel).

In order to avoid confusion with the old Buckswood Grange School, the company rebranded to ‘Bucksmore Summer Programme’, which became ‘Bucksmore Education’ in 2012.

In 2014, Bucksmore start to provide home tuition, and soon after acquired Homelingua, a home tuition company based in Oxford to form ‘Bucksmore Homelingua’.

Today, Bucksmore Education provides more than just English language summer schools, with more academic and pre-university courses than ever before, as well as a variety of home tuition options.

Bucksmore Education is full of history and tradition, with over 35 years of experience to perfect and improve the quality of our prestigious summer schools.






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