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Bucksmore London - Central London Summer School For 14-17 Year-Olds, UK

Publish Date: Mar 01, 2016

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With a maximum class size of 11 students and 22.5 hours of English tuition each week, Bucksmore London is a great opportunity to combine language learning with exploring the world’s most famous city.

Thanks to King’s College London’s central location, the activity programme is filled with fun and cultural trips around London’s best-known landmarks, museums, attractions and shopping districts.


  • Full-board accommodation in central London
  • Insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • Enrolment on Bucksmore Assessment
  • Personalised report card & certificate
  • Entrances to attractions on excursions
  • Full activity programme

Course Requirements

  • Bucksmore London welcomes students of all English levels, from elementary through to proficiency.
  • The age range for students at Bucksmore London is 14-17.
  • Bucksmore London has a nationality cap of 20%.

Course Content

The syllabus incorporates language study, language for life, London experience lessons, project sessions, excursion link lessons and academic skills sessions.

The language study lessons focus on the communicative style of language learning and provide grammar and vocabulary tailored to a student’s ability. Whereas language for life lessons integrate a wider range of topics including learner training, literacy, culture and life skills.

The course aims to:

  • Build language skills and confidence gradually through our multi-level syllabus.
  • Help students achieve their individual goals in language learning.
  • Gain a better understanding of English books, films, songs, the internet and other media.

Academic Skills Sessions

The academic skills sessions give students an introduction to exam techniques and are intended to help students improve the skills of academic reading, writing, listening and speaking.

These sessions take place over two hours each week and culminate with students taking the Bucksmore Assessment.

The variety of lessons and teaching material provide students with a stimulating and comprehensive learning experience throughout their stay with Bucksmore.

London Experience Lessons

The London experience lessons bring London to life in the classroom and provide students with functional language and vocabulary to use in their daily life during their stay at Bucksmore London.

These lessons link specifically to famous sights in London such as the London Eye, Canary Wharf and Kensington. Ordering a curry on Brick Lane or bargaining with a street seller in Camden Market are real life situations incorporated into the ‘London experience lessons’.

Project Work

Project sessions at Bucksmore London promote group work and co-operation and allow participation across all levels of English.

Popular project sessions include Bucksmore President, Battle of the Bands and Bucksmore News.

Unique to Bucksmore London, students now have the ‘What’s it like to live in London?’ project making English learning even more personalised and London centric.

The aims of project work are to encourage collaboration and communication through the completion of real-world tasks that use English with an authentic purpose. Students receive vocabulary and grammar input in the first part of the project session, and are then placed into groups. Groups are provided with a project guideline which they should follow with the aim of completing by the end of the preparation session. The weekly project culminates in a presentation evening in which groups display and present their work.

Bucksmore Assessment

The Bucksmore academic team have researched and developed a brand new examination for 2016, the ‘Bucksmore Assessment’.

This has been introduced to replace the previously offered Trinity exam. Assessing a learner’s skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, it provides a more rounded evaluation of a student’s English ability.

The Bucksmore Assessment provides more relevant and appropriate language so learners are motivated to perform better than other, more adult-focused, exams.

Taken at the end of the course, the Bucksmore Assessment is designed to complement the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and to provide learners with a realistic determination of their English ability.

It can be applied against other international English exams such as Cambridge ESOL & IELTS. Students will leave the course with a certificate of recommended English level measured against the CEFR scale.

All students receive a personalised Bucksmore Education report card and certificate during the graduation ceremony at the end of their stay.

Dates & Fees

The price per week at Bucksmore London is £1290.

2 Weeks 28 June – 12 July King’s College London
  12 July – 26 July King’s College London
4 Weeks 28 June – 26 July King’s College London

Included in Course Fees

Prices are fully inclusive, meaning that the only money students need to bring is for souvenirs!


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Strand
  • Packed meals on excursion days
  • Wi-Fi available throughout the main campus and accommodation
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Transfers to and from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports
  • Laundry once a week

The Course

  • London travelcard
  • Ticket to a West End musical (every 2 weeks)
  • At least 7 half-day visits to London attractions
  • Personalised report card and certificate presented at graduation ceremony
  • Bucksmore rucksack, student card and wristband
  • Welcome packs on arrival
  • Study materials
  • One excursion outside of London per week

Please visit Global Education Fair 2016 in Yerevan (14 May 2016, Best Western Congress Hotel, Picasso Hall ) for more information about this program and scholarship opportunities

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