Ameriabank CJSC  is a universal bank offering corporate, investment and retail banking services in a comprehensive package of banking solutions.  We carve out paths for improvement of your business and lifestyle, via both traditional and alternative, hyper-advanced banking technologies. 

An individual approach to each client, innovation, and high professionalism and experience attained by joint efforts of the united team are the underlying basis of our activity. 
This is evidenced by the whole history of the Bank. Today, being the most rapidly growing Bank in the Armenian market and a financial institution offering the most advanced banking solutions, Ameriabank, at the same time, is one of the oldest banks operating in Armenia.  

It was established in 1910 as a branch of Caucasian Trade Bank, which during the Soviet years was transformed to the Armenian branch of the USSR Vneshtorgbank.
In July 1992, Armenian Import-Export Bank CJSC was founded, which received a banking license from the Central Bank of Armenia on September 8 of the same year. In April 1995, a foreign investor, Computeron Industrials Establishments, purchased the majority of shares of the Bank. 


Subject to the resolution of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholder (minutes N 04/08) dated May 19, 2008, Armimpexbank CJSC was renamed into Ameriabank CJSC. The change of the bank’s name was registered by the CBA decision N 1/506 A dated May 23, 2008.

Another turning point in the history of the oldest Armenian bank started in 2007, heralded by the replenishment of the Bank’s resources and drastic upgrading of its services 
portfolio, to meet development trends and the demands of global and domestic markets.  In August 2007, the main share holdings of the Bank (96%) was obtained by TDA Holdings Limited (which was renamed to Ameria Group (CY) Limited in November, 2011).  In 2007-2013, gradually increasing the Charter Capital of the Bank, the major shareholder Ameria Group (CY) Limited increased its equity participation up to 100%.


Based on the decision N 02/10/01 of Ameriabank CJSC, dated May 14, 2010 and decision N 44/1 of Cascade Bank CJSC, dated May 14, 2010 (minutes N 44) the stated banks have been reorganized through consolidation in compliance with the legislation of the RA. Ameriabank CJSC continued its corporate existence as the legal successor of Cascade Bank CJSC while separate corporate existence of Cascade Bank CJSC ceased.


The Central Bank of the RA (CBA) approved and registered the Ameriabank CJSC and Cascade Bank CJSC Merger Agreement under the resolution N 134A dated June 16, 2010. The Chairman of CBA registered the revised charter of Ameriabank CJSC under his resolution N 1/655A dated June 25, 2010 based on the merger between Ameriabank CJSC and Cascade Bank CJSC as approved by the general meeting of the banks’ shareholders dated May 17, 2010.


Currently the bank’s statutory capital is 25,447,680,000 Armenian drams which is sufficiently higher than the minimum required amount of 50 million defined by the Central Bank of Armenia. Ameria Group (CY) Limited owns all 79,524 ordinary nominal shares of Ameriabank with par value of 320,000 Armenian drams each. The statutory fund of the bank is paid completely in Armenian drams.


Thereafter, we – Ameriabank – have become not only a mere bank, but also a financial institution, which is granted an opportunity to reequip its financial technologies and resources, and expand the scope of services rendered to clients.

We have assumed the role of a partner providing innovative, comprehensive and high-quality financial solutions to clients acting in the Armenian market and the region.




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9 Grigor Lusavorich str. Yerevan 0015, Armenia