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Iranian Studies Programs at UCLA

Publish Date: Dec 28, 2020


Like Iranian Studies, at Goettingen University UCLA also offers all three - BA, MA and PhD levels in Iranian Studies. 


The Program of Iranian Studies at UCLA is a part of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures that includes nearly all aspects of disciplines available in this domain. UCLA is an exceptional place to start learning Iranian Studies while also participating in classes, lectures and seminars in Armenian Studies, Arabic Studies, Islamic Studies, Turkish Studies. 


The UCLA Program of Iranian Studies offers a wide range of courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels including Old and Middle Iranian languages, Old Iranian literary traditions, ancient Iranian religions, ancient Iranian history, and classical Persian literature and culture. Old Persian cuneiform and Avestan are taught at the elementary and advanced levels as are Parthian, Pahlavi and Bactrian. Also offered are a year-long undergraduate survey on the history of the Achaemenid, Arsacid and Sasanian empires, and an introductory course on the history of Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism. Besides, elementary, intermediate, and advanced Persian courses are taught, including graduate seminars on classical Persian poetics and prose. Coursework on Judeo-Persian and Baha'i studies is also offered. 


The UCLA Iranian Studies Program started in the early 1960s first offering only doctoral programs. Since 1989 the University also offers undergraduate programs in Iranian Studies.


Established in 2017 Pourdavoud Center for the Study of the Iranian World in UCLA offers postdoctoral and graduate fellowships to students and researchers to concentrate primarily on Ancient Iranian Studies for three to nine months. 


Admission details for undergraduate programs in Iranian Studies mention that the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures does not handle any undergraduate admission process aspect. So all prospective students need to apply through the UCLA undergraduate admission webpage.


Although the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures offers both MA and PhD degrees, the Department admits only those students who plan to ultimately pursue a PhD with the exception of Arabic and Islamic Studies. Any student interested in pursuing an MA + PhD degree in Iranian studies should consult NELC graduate programs' admission requirements


There are different funding opportunities within UCLA NELC for prospective graduate and undergraduate students to cover travel and study expenses at UCLA or during study abroad programs. As in most American universities, the PhD program at UCLA will be fully covered with the condition that the PhD student will also conduct teaching assistant's duties during the studies. 


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