Iranian Studies Programs at the University of Goettingen

Publish Date: Dec 28, 2020

Many Universities worldwide offer MA or PhD programs in Iranian Studies, but few also offer a BA degree in the same field. Among such universities with BA, MA and PhD programs in Iranian Studies is the Institute of Iranian Studies at the Goettingen University in Germany (like Iranian Studies at UCLA).


Göttingen University has renowned traditions in Iranian Studies. Goettingen is the University where the outstanding iranologists were working and are working. 


The Institute of Iranian Studies in this University was established in 1903 by the famous iranologist Prof. Friedrich Carl Andreas. 

Another prominent scholar in the field was Professor David Neil MacKenzie, who led the Institute from 1975 and retired in 1994. From 1996 onwards Prof. Philip Kreyenbroekthe was head of the Institute and retired in 2016. Now Professor Eva Orthmann is the Director of the Institute of Iranian Studies at the Goettingen University.


Currently, the Institute offers study opportunities for students in all levels of academic studies. The Institute's focus is on a vast array of subjects related to the field of Iranian studies, such as linguistics, literature, history, religion, anthropology. The research's geographical scope in this Institute includes India, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Armenia, Turkey. The Institute focuses on the Kurdish language and offers courses in both Sorani and Kurmanji dialects of Kurdish. 


As was mentioned above, the Institute of Iranian Studies at Goettingen is among the few academic institutions that offer BA in Iranian Studies. 


Details about the Bachelor's program in Iranian studies are available on the Institute's website. The BA program courses are in German, and one of the program application requirements is the German test certificate.


The Institute also offers a well structured Master's program in Iranian Studies, through which the students will combine a classical instruction in Iranian Studies meanwhile being free to concentrate on their research. 


Check the details of the Goettingen Master's program in Iranian Studies on the Institute's website. MA program courses are in English. 


To apply for a Master's program, please check the admission details. It is always better to contact a professor in the Institute before starting the formal application process. 


Students with a good command of Persian and an MA degree may choose to do their PhD in this Institute. PhD courses are in English, and the thesis may be defended in English. 


International students and researchers have always been welcome at the Institute of Iranian Studies. There are many scholarship and grant programs available for foreigners in Germany. Among such programs is DAAD.

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