German-Mexican Master Programme in Environment & Resources Management

Publish Date: Sep 19, 2016

Deadline: Jan 31, 2015

The Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) encompass a huge diversity of landscapes and ecosystems and is highly heterogeneous in terms of economic development and social and indigenous history. The region faces serious challenges such as climate change and natural disasters; and under conditions of population growth, urbanization and industrialization efficient environmental policies and programs are required to sustainably manage the natural resources. This calls for experts they be familiar with the culture, language and politics of both sides and are skilled in intercultural communication – in short, professionals with lateral understanding and trans-disciplinary approaches for a sustainable development.


In order to apply for the master programme the applicants should at least fulfill the following requirements:

  • Bachelor degree related to environmental management: natural sciences, engineering sciences, geography, agricultural or social sciences
  • A relation to environmental management, either by studies or professional working experience
  • Minimum grade of 8.0 based on the Mexican grading system or equivalent 
  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Proof of Spanish language proficiency (applies to applicants from nationalities that do not have Spanish as their mother language)
  • Basic knowledge of German language is an advantage for Mexican and Latin American applicants
  • Highly motivated to learn in a multicultural environment

Other specific requirements for DAAD-Scholarship

  • Last Academic degree not be more than 6 years old 
  • Minimum 2 years relevant professional experience after the Bachelor degree 
  • Proof of current work situation at the time of application 

If you fulfill the requirements above, please review the REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION for more detailed information.


Only complete applications will be considered!

The following table contains detailed information on the required documents and how they should be submitted. Please place CLOSE ATTENTION to the information provided and be careful when naming your files. All required documents must be sent via E-mail to the following both email addresses:  and

Please do not send hard copies of the application form. Applications sent via email or hard-copy to the DAAD or CONACYT cannot be considered during the selection process.


The files submitted should be in PDF format. You will be able to find many FREE PDF converters online, please use the one you feel more comfortable with. Each document or series of documents should be named using the scheme below:

Document No_Label_ApplicationYear_NationalityISO_ApplicantInitials (first and last names). For example, the motivation letter of Eduardo Javier Lopez Martinez in 2016 from Mexico should be named: 01_MotivationLetter_2016_MX_EJLM.pdf. Once all documents are ready they should be compressed into ONE SINGLE ZIP FILE (several files in case of email limitations) using your prefered compression software and be named using the following scheme: ENREM_ApplicationYear_NationalityISO_ApplicantInitials (first and last names). In the case of Eduardo Javier Lopez Martinez from Mexico applying in 2016 the file should be named:

The prepared ZIP file with your filled-out application form and required documentation should be sent to the following both e-mail addresses:



1. Application Deadline: January 31st

The complete set of documents has to be sent digitally BEFORE the application deadline, January 31st at 23:59 (Mexico time). The selection process will be performed based on the sent application documents. Incomplete applications may lead to an exclusion.

2. Shortlist Candidate Selection

The acceptance committee from both Universities, TH Köln and UASLP, will review the received applications and analyze which applicants comply with ALL the acceptance requirements. The available positions for each intake are limited and will be given by priority to outstanding applicants.

3. Interviews: February 8th - 17th

In order to make a final evaluation of the attributes of each candidate the Shortlist Candidates will be interviewed by telephone or Skype by the TH Köln or UASLP acceptance committee. Germans will be interviewed in Spanish and Latin Americans in English and Spanish.

4. Selection of Candidates for the program: February 23rd

The selection committee will meet in order to make a final selection of candidates based on their application documents, skills and performance during the interview. A limited group of students will be selected to receive a CONACyT or DAAD scholarships based on the specifically criteria of the scholarship-holders.

5. Notification of Acceptance: March 6th

The candidates accepted into the ENREM international master program will be notified via email.  

6. Confirmation of Participation: March19th

The selected candidates will have to confirm their participation in the master program by sending a signed letter of acceptance. If a candidate does not wish to participate in the master program we would appreciate a quick response notifying the declination of participation. This way another candidate can be assigned a place within the program.

7. Registration for Scholarship:

DAAD: ITT and DAAD should be sent you the information about the procedure and deadline for the scholarship after March 20th

CONACYT: PMPCA should be sent you an information. After the inscription of the first semester at the UASLP, the students will apply for the scholarship CONACYT with the coordinator of the master at PMPCA.

8. Beginning of Semester in San Luis Potosí: August 1st

All students are required to arrive in San Luis Potosí, Mexico prior to the beginning of the semester and report their arrival in the Agenda Ambiental, UASLP.


The ENREM Master Program is the first postgraduate course that was established within the framework of the anchor country strategy of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT). 

Scholarships are provided by:

  • The Mexican national Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT)
  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

 There is no additional application required to apply for the scholarships. Scholarship considerations will be evaluated according to specific requirements of the  Scholarship donors. Acceptance to the master's program does not guarantee a scholarship. The number of DAAD (full) and CONACYT (partial) scholarships is limited.


CONACyT will cover ONLY living expenses. All registration fees have to be paid by the students from the scholarship. All other costs associated with the study, such as flight to San Luis Potosí, to Cologne, to the Master Thesis and defense, as well as health insurance for the second year will be the student's responsibility.

Living expenses for Mexican and Latin American scholarship holders:

  • Regular Monthly scholarship (beca normal) included Mexican public health insurance for the period of study (maximum 24 months).
  • For the 3rd semester in Germany they to get the "beca mixta", an increased amount of additional to the regular monthly scholarships and once small amount for the flight ticket to Germany.

Living expenses for German scholarship holders:

  • Regular monthly scholarship (beca normal) included Mexican public health insurance for the first two semesters in Mexico.
  • During the 3rd semester in Germany they do not receive scholarship
  • For the 4th semester, they can be reactivated the regular monthly scholarship CONACyT, if they to carry out the field research in Mexico or Latin America, and write the master's thesis in Mexico and defense.

Scholarship holders will receive the scholarship contract from CONACyT after to arrive in San Luis Potosí. For more information about the CONACyT scholarship please contact the coordination team of the PMPCA in Mexico.


DAAD will cover living expenses, travel allowance and health insurance for the 2 years. All registration fees have to be paid by the students from the scholarship.

For Mexican and Latin American scholarship holders:

  •       Regular Monthly scholarship
  • German health insurance for the period of study (maximum 24 months).
  • Travel allowance for the flight to Mexico, to Cologne, to the Master Thesis defence and back to the home country (depend of DAAD decisions)

For German scholarship holders:

  • Regular Monthly scholarship for Mexico during the first, second and fourth semester (only in Mexico or LAC countries).
  • During the 3rd semester in Germany they won’t get any scholarship.
  • German health insurance during  the period in Mexico
  • Travel allowance for the flight to San Luis Potosí, to Cologne, to the Master Thesis and back to the home country for defence (depend of DAAD decisions)

Scholarship holders will receive the scholarship contract from DAAD before you arrive in San Luis Potosí. For more information about the scholarship, insurance and subsidies from DAAD as well the procedure and deadline, please contact the ENREM coordination of ITT.

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