Sustainable Development Research and Study Opportunities

Sustainable Development: Too Broad, Yet Very Perspective

Sustainable development is all about effective policy making and natural resources management. This academic field focuses on social, economic and environmental aspects of responsible policy making. World leaders adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda to mobilize joint efforts in eliminating poverty, inequality and mitigating climate change. Countries around the world are called for action, while the primary goal is to sustain the planet safe.

What to Expect, When You Study Sustainable Development

The degree level courses on development aim to reveal the risks and challenges, that the world faces today on the way to sustainability, as well as measures to mitigate those. The number of disciplines, comprising the “sustainable development” degree program is huge: it includes globalization, international development, planning and managing development, environmental studies and natural resource management amongst others. Students, enrolled in such academic courses, are prospective advisors on sustainable development, who will work for governments, non-governmental sector, corporations and international organizations, to develop or improve responsible policies.

The curriculum on sustainable development focuses a lot on communication, mediation and negotiation skills. These skills are vital for future consultants and negotiations to facilitate agreements and decision-making processes among various stakeholders.

Conferences and workshops on sustainable development bring together academia representatives, civil society leaders, businessmen and government authorities to discuss research and evidence based data, that supports implementation of Sustainable Development Agenda; talk about best practices and hands-on solutions to tackle current challenges. This type of events are important to forecast “what’s next” and think of short and long term strategies.

Why Is ARMACAD Helpful To Professionals Interested in Sustainable Development?

ARMACAD offers a broad range of graduate level programs, research opportunities, academic and professional events covering sustainable development issues. Jobs in sustainable development, in developing and developed countries, are also advertised on ARMACAD.