Environmental Change and Management Research and Study Opportunities

Bachelor’s and Master Degree Courses on Environmental Change and Policy

Today environmental or climate change policies are adopted at international and national level to tackle challenges and mitigate disaster risks. While several decades ago nobody believed in climate change, now some of the states regard this as a threat to national security. Environmental activists have been warning about consequences of changes to environment for a long time now. Managing these effects requires short and long term strategy and action, led by qualified human and knowledge resources.

Academic education on environmental change and policy is more than valuable nowadays. Protection of environment requires analytical thinking and research, practical approaches and flexible policies. Bachelor degree programs on environmental change and management offer general education on various disciplines exploring the interaction between human activities and environment. Graduate level courses on environmental change and management offer a range of elective and core modules, such as ecosystems, energy conservation, climate change, environmental modelling, etc. The academic programs, usually, offer future environmentalists to combine campus studies with filed work and professional trainings on such topics as, GIS or cost-benefit analysis.

PhD programs on Environmental Change and Management offer an opportunity to engage in vivid research and to contribute to on-going governance and development debates. PhD degree program is a chance to assess and develop existing policies on adaptation to climate change.

Leadership, Negotiations and Communication skills: Important for Environment Leaders

It is, certainly, a must to invest time and efforts in academic education in order to succeed in career, but it is also very valuable to get practical learning-by-doing knowledge on such issues as leadership, negotiations, mediation and communication. This set of skills will guide prospective environmental leaders through different levels meetings, advocacy and campaigning initiatives communicate important environmental information, as well as benefits or negative impact of environmental change.

Huge Demand in Profit and Non-Profit Sectors

Graduates of academic and vocational programs on environmental change and management have always been and are expected to be highly in-demand employees in industry, public and non-profit sectors. Consultants or decision makers, field or lab workers, lobbyists or civil society leaders environmental specialists are a valuable resource for a diverse list of industries and development areas.


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