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Summer School - Love and Sex in Digital World: Philosophy, Ethics and Theology, 2022, University of Tartu, Estonia

Publish Date: Apr 07, 2022

Deadline: Jun 19, 2022

Event Dates: from Aug 01, 2022 12:00 to Aug 07, 2022 12:00

Digital technologies have tremendously transformed all spheres of our life, including romantic and sexual relationships. This course is an attempt to analyse all those changes from philosophical, ethical, and theological perspectives.
It will discuss a variety of topics from the ethics of dating apps and online infidelity to cybersex and future relationships with robots. Philosophy, ethics, and theology have a long history of discussing love and sex, and this course will provide a fresh look at existing discussions by adding recent technological influences to them. Moreover, this course will try to show how contemporary humanities could contribute to the development of technologies to make them more ethical.

Course leader
Anastasiia Babash, Junior Research Fellow

Course aim

After successful completion of the summer course the student:

  • is familiar with the main developments of contemporary philosophy, ethics, and theology of love and sex;
  • has an overview of the contemporary philosophical and theological discussions on cyber love and cybersex in particular;
  • is able to argue in favour or against various moral dilemmas that have arisen and continue to arise when digital technologies are transforming the ways we fall in love and have sex;
  • is able to construct their own argumentative views on cyber love and cybersex;

Fee info
EUR 250

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