Kyung Hee University Master's Degree Program - United Nations and the Art of Peace 2019, South Korea


January 15, 2019

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The Master's Degree in the United Nations and the Art of Peace focuses on the study of 70 years of UN action in the fields of peace-making, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. It aims to allow students to become more knowledgeable on the matter as well as profit directly from the hindsight of the United Nations and academic experts in order to better assess and apprehend peace initiatives and understand the processes of preserving, defending and promoting peace in all their complexity.

Built on the experiences and expertise developed by UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research), WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations) and the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies at Kyung Hee University, this degree explores the different facets of the actions undertaken in the international field to promote, preserve and defend peace. The United Nations being at the center of this process for the last 70 years, the degree intend to use the UN both as a study subject as well as a source of expertise.

The program is mainly designed for students of social sciences in the Republic of Korea that wish to pursue their post-graduate studies focusing on the promotion of peace possibly in view of securing an internship or a job in a relevant international or non-governmental organization.


The GIP implements a system of accreditation in order to grant academic degrees, instructional objectives and relevant government requirements. All students will be duly accredited after having satisfied the academic requirements.

Course requirements

In order to receive a Master's degree, students must obtain minimum more than 24 credits from GIP and 4 online courses from UNITAR.

Comprehensive Examination

Students who have obtained at least 18 credits are expected to take a comprehensive examination.


Every student is required to complete one month or more internship in order to fulfill their graduation requirement at an institution of his/her choice with the approval of the school administration. The student should report the progress and the result of the internship to the administration. 

Students enrolled at the United Nations and the Art of Peace program will have the opportunity to participate in the following internship openings.

UNITAR shall guarantee a total number of 12 internship per year in the following locations:

New York: 4 positions

Geneva: 4 positions

Other locations: 4 positions.

WFUNA shall guarantee a total number of 4 internships per year in the following locations:

New York: 1 position

Geneva: 1 position

Seoul: 2 positions

Internship shall be unpaid. UNITAR and WFUNA shall cover local transportation costs in the form of a one-time contribution of 100 USD/month for selected candidates.

Conferment of Degree

Student who has met all requirements for a Master's degree will be granted a Master's degree of Peace Studies.


The GIP provides several programs to shape a new generation of professionals and leaders with intelligence and human relations skills.

The GIP provides various academic scholarships based on needs and competition.

Scholarship of Excellence (Scholarship for tuition)

Scholarship for tuition is available based on need and academic excellence for students who are enrolled to the Department of United Nations and Art of Peace.

Internship Subvention

GIP students can apply for additional scholarship provided by Kyung Hee University programs such as the Global Academy for Future Civilizations scholarship and the Citibank-Kyung Hee scholarship.

Assistant Stipend

While studying at the GIP, selected students will have an opportunity to work as TA (teacher's assistants) or administrative assistants. school will offer selected students financial support while working as an assistant.

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