International Summer School 2018, IUAV University, Venice, Italy


June 29, 2018

Event Date:

September 02, 2018 - September 10, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - International Summer School 2018, IUAV University, Venice, Italy

International Summer School for Students of art, architecture or history


Program Summary

In this intensive 8-day international summer school hosted by the IUAV University in Venice, the goal is to interrogate the relationship between the building and the book in architectural culture, with the aim of collectively constructing our own book in response to our findings: A Design Brief for a Library. This book will form the basis of a hands-on construction project to take place in the future years of our ongoing summer programme. This year, our research will begin by delving into the library as a space for the experimental production of new forms and arrangements of knowledge. We will examine the notion of architectural literacy, question and challenge traditional spatial definitions of the ‘library’ typology, and seek to better understand the close exchange between the building and the book in the history of architecture.

The workshop is directed as a collaboration between Professor Maarten Delbeke and the Chair for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta, D-ARCH, ETH Zurich); and TEN, an independent association of practising architects and researchers based in Zurich. We will cooperate with the IUAV University Library in Venice, working directly with their collection and operating at the intersection between history and the present, between architectural book making and architectural design.

Our Approach

Books and buildings act as fundamental repositories of architectural knowledge, each with their own pedagogical potential. Both have received varying degrees of focus throughout the history of architectural education. Yet since the early modern period, it has been books – not buildings – that have established primacy as the main transmitters of architectural ideas in wider culture. Positioning ourselves at the collision of two ubiquitous forms of architectural output, we practice a methodology of reading buildings through books, and books through buildings. By dissecting and reconstructing the intersections and tensions between these two mediums, this summer workshop seeks to understand whether buildings can again establish their own forms of literacy: Becoming once more the repositories and transmitters of culture, as accessible and understandable to everyone as the language of the printed page.

We are concerned with questions such as: How is knowledge made accessible in space? How do knowledge structures and spatial structures combine? How can books be structured as spaces in themselves? And how should a 21st century library be organised?

Programme Details

The course schedule will consist of a series of visits to important Venetian libraries and other associated sites of relevance, complemented by an intensive workshop at the library of the IUAV University, in which architectural books from the collection will be analysed and reworked to create the new Library Brief. The resulting Brief will be reviewed and discussed in a final presentation and critique, creating the basis for a potential building project beginning in the following year.

A detailed itinerary will be announced soon.


€380 per person. This fee covers accommodation, tuition and all excursions arranged by the organisers as part of the programme. The fee does not cover meals (apart from breakfast and some communal dinner events), travel costs to and from Venice, or the cost of local transport around Venice for the duration of the workshop.

Students can claim 2 ECTS credits, or their home university equivalent, for their successful completion of the programme.

 Language of Instruction

English. However some knowledge of German, Italian or French is beneficial.

 Who can apply?

Students of art, architecture or history, worldwide. Application is via an online form and document upload (see below).

Students will be accepted based on a short cover letter of motivation, a portfolio (of either written research or design work) and a one-page CV. These documents should be combined into a single PDF of no more than ten pages and uploaded onto the website. No email applications will be accepted.

Deadline for applications is 29 JUNE 2018


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