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CfA - Scholarships for International Master’s Level Degree Courses 2018 - 2019, University of L'Aquila, Italy


June 25, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - CfA - Scholarships for International Master’s Level Degree Courses 2018 - 2019, University of L'Aquila, Italy



The University of L'Aquila has set, as one of its strategic objectives, the internationalization of teaching, based mainly on teacher and student mobility and on the establishment of international degree courses set up in collaboration with foreign universities. These courses provide integrated curricula and student mobility strategies allowing for the reciprocal recognition of the credits earned within the course. Students enrolled in these courses shall carry out established alternate study periods within the University of L'Aquila and its foreign university partner(s).
International degree courses allow students to obtain double, multiple or joint degrees. By double and multiple degrees we mean that upon completion of the course the student shall obtain a degree from the University of L'Aquila and a degree from the foreign university(s) where he/she carried out the established study periods earning required credits. A joint degree instead is a single degree issued by universities who have officially agreed upon and established a joint international degree course.
Some of our courses are held entirely in English while others offer certain course units in English if foreign students are enrolled.


Call for applications for no. 14 scholarships (10 months each) for foreign students enrolling on the International Master Degree Courses, academic year 2018/2019. Art. 1 DEFINITION No. 14 scholarships will be reserved for foreign candidates belonging to Extra-EU countries, already selected by the partnership, for the attendance of one of the following International Master Degree Courses:

 Mathematics

 Informatics

 Mathematical engineering

 Engineering for telecommunications 

Information and automation engineering

 Physics Art.


Applicants belonging to Extra-EU countries must:

1. have already been selected by the international selection academic board in order to be admitted to the following International Master Degree Courses: Mathematics, Informatics, Mathematical engineering, Engineering for telecommunications, Information and automation engineering, Physics;

2.  be enrolled on the 1 st year of the above mentioned International Master Degree Courses, in case of double-degree agreements with the University of L’Aquila; or  provide all the documents required for the enrolment on academic year 2018/2019, failing doubledegree agreements with the Università degli Studi dell’Aquila.


The Chairmen of each International Master Degree Course will collect only valid applicants’ proposals for participation, already evaluated by the partnership. Applications, signed by the Chairman of the International Master Degree Course, must include:

1. the application form (annex 1);

2. the evaluation report, according to criteria stated in art. 5 of this Call; and for each candidate:

3. copy of a valid identity document.

4. certificate signed by the Chairman of the International Master Degree Course concerning the completeness and correctness of the documents required for the enrolment (only for students coming from universities without double-degree agreements with the Università degli Studi dell’Aquila - Annex 2)

Applications will be automatically excluded if:

1. they are incomplete;

2. one of the admission requirements is missing;

3. application requirements are not respected;

4. they are submitted after the deadline. Applications, to be submitted within 25th June 2018, can:

 be sent by registered mail to Università degli Studi dell’Aquila - Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali – Via Giovanni Di Vincenzo, 16/B - 67100 L’Aquila (please note that the postmark date will not serve as a proof);

 be hand-delivered to Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali – Via Giovanni Di Vincenzo, 16/B - 67100 L’Aquila;

 be sent by certified electronic mail to the following address: ART. 4 SCHOLARSHIPS The total amount for each scholarship is € 8.500,00. Payments will be done on a monthly basis (10 installments). Monthly monitoring meetings will be organized by the International Relation office; scholarship holders must participate compulsory in order to get the scholarship. At the end of the 1st term, a positive report on the academic activity is mandatory in order to get the next scholarships.


Applications will be evaluated by a committee composed of the Chairmen of the involved International Master Degree Courses and chaired by the Pro-Rector to International Relations of the Università degli Studi dell’Aquila. The selection will be based on the following evaluation criteria [total points available: from 0 to 100]:

1. CV, academic records and quality/recognition of home institution having awarded the first level degree [60 points];

2. Level of English skills [15 points];

3. Professional experience [15 points];

4. Motivation [5 points];

5. Recommendations [5 points]. If equal assessments result, preference will be assigned firstly to students coming from “Poor” or “Expecially Poor” countries, and secondly to the youngest ones.The main list of selected applicants and the reserve list will be published on Albo Ufficiale of Università degli Studi dell’Aquila and on the University website. The publication is equivalent of an official communication. No personal communication by email or phone shall be provided to the applicants. Should rejections occur or if further funds should be approved by the Departments and become available for a specific International Degree Master course, eligible candidates in the reserve list will be contacted for scholarship acceptance, by the International Relations Office.

For more information click "LINK TO ORIGINAL" below.

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Host Country
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Publish Date
June 21, 2018


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