CfA - Scholarships in “Sports Engineering”, 2018 - 2019, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy


July 20, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - CfA - Scholarships in “Sports Engineering”, 2018 - 2019, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy

“Compagnia di San Paolo” scholarships addressed to the participants to the 2 nd level specializing master’s programme in “Sports Engineering” 

Scholarships’ overview

Thanks to the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo, Politecnico di Torino offers a maximum of 13 scholarships to Extra EU and EU participants of the 2nd level Specializing Masters Programme in “Sports Engineering” academic year 2018/2019. The gross amount of the scholarship is 3.000,00 Euro (three thousand/00).

The Selection’s Commission will assign the scholarships at the end of the lectures period (foreseen for February 2019).


In order to be eligible, the students must meet the following requirements:

• To be enrolled in the 2nd Level Specializing Master’s programme in “Sports Engineering” for the academic year 2018/2019;

• To have attended at least 75% of the total classroom hours;

• To have successfully passed all the exams included in the Study Plan.

 How scholarships are assigned

The Office of Specializing Master’s Programmes and Lifelong Learning will verify which students meet the eligibility requirements. The candidates will be evaluated on the basis of the weighted average grade of all their exams and of class attendance. The Selection Commission will prepare a ranking list of all candidates and will award the 13 scholarships to the top 13 students on the list. In case of equal score, the scholarship will be offered to the student with the best score obtained at the moment of admission to the programme. The Commission’s evaluation shall be considered final and unquestionable. The names of the scholarships recipients will be published on the relevant page of the website The person responsible for the administrative procedure is Mr. Alberto Pusceddu (Head of the Specializing Master’s Programmes and Lifelong Learning Office at Politecnico di Torino).

 Scholarship details

The gross amount of the scholarship is 3.000,00 Euro (three thousand/00). Scholarship recipipients will have to accept the scholarship within the deadline that will be defined by the Office of Specializing Master’s Programme and Lifelong Learning. They will receive an email with the deadline and instruction to accept the scholarship. The scholarship may be subject to IRPEF taxation since it is considered as income equivalent to that of an employee. In order to establish the correct tax category, the student will therefore be required to fill in the form "Modulo detrazioni IRPEF" provided by the Office. The scholarships will be paid in one instalment.

 Privacy policy and access to documents

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) you should be given the following information on the processing of your personal data.
The data controller is Politecnico di Torino, represented by the Rector, with statutory seat in Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24-10129 Torino (mail: - pec: 
The data protection officer (DPO) is Mrs. Nicoletta Roz Gastaldi (mail: – pec
Politecnico di Torino will collect and keep the following data:


  • personal data
  • information related to your school education provided upon first enrolment
  • information related to your university career at Politecnico di Torino (Personal Study Plan, exams passed, degree awarded)
  • payments made for tuition fees, late payment penalties and sanctions
  • declarations on the financial condition of your family submitted to obtain tuition fee reduction
  • scholarships received from Politecnico di Torino, EDISU (Ente Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario ) or other institutions.
  • part-time on-campus jobs taken at Politecnico di Torino
  • sanctions imposed on you by Politecnico di Torino, if any
  • disability certificates, if submitted

Your data are used by Politecnico di Torino for the sole purposes of the institution itself: for this reason, your data can be provided to the various bodies of the University (to carry out the activities within their competence) without further notification to you. The data related to your university career will be stored without limits of time taking into account the archiving legal obligations imposed by the law. The other data collected by Politecnico di Torino for the use of university services will be kept in compliance with the law and the University Regulations.

Your data can be disclosed outside the University in the following cases:


  • at the request of public authorities or bodies which need your data for institutional aims (for instance, information is periodically exchanged with: the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the National Student Register Office, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ente Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio universitario , ISTAT - the Italian National Statistical Institute - , CNVSU - the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems – and Osservatorio Regionale per l'Università e per il diritto allo studio Universitario).
  • at the request of judicial authorities.
  • when you register for the Final Examination you will be asked to give your consent to the transfer of some personal data (expressly mentioned) to businesses or institutions which may request them and declare to use them for employment purposes or to advertise training and cultural activities.
  • when you apply online for a Specializing Master’s programme organized in cooperation with external partners (businesses/institutions), you may be required to give your consent to the transfer of your personal data to these partners for possible training opportunities or to help you enter the world of work. Any other form of data processing or disclosure will not be allowed.

You have the right to obtain from the controller confirmation as to whether or not your personal data are being processed.

You have the right of access to your personal data. You also have the right to request rectification of inaccurate personal data. You are entitled to request erasure, restriction of processing or alteration of your personal data provided that this does not impair the ability of Politecnico to pursue its institutional aims.

Under certain circumstances and for reasons related to your specific situation you are entitled to object to the processing of your personal data.

You also have the right to data portability and the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal;

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