Summer School - Regulation of Local Public Services 21st Edition, 3-14 September 2018, Italy


June 04, 2018

Event Date:

September 03, 2018 - September 14, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer School - Regulation of Local Public Services 21st Edition, 3-14 September 2018, Italy

Summer School - Regulation of Local Public Services 21st Edition, 3-14 September 2018, Italy


The School is addressed to final year undergraduate students, graduates and official of the Public Administration (municipalities, counties, regional bodies) and regulatory agencies staff who intend to study in depth some of the most relevant issues for regulation, tariff setting and management of local public services, either of environmental interest or not. The programme is designed as an intensive workshop, combining theoretical and practical modules. 

More specifically the course is designed as follows: 

  1. Part one is devoted to theory, economic models and analytical instruments for local regulation; 
  2. Part two includes sector analysis of the main industrial local public services (e.g. water cycle, urban waste), country-based cases studies and guest lectures;
  3. Part three offers local site-visits and a practical experience with virtual regulatory case studies developed by working groups.

Topics covered

 - Regulation as a game of incomplete information: incentives and mechanism design in local regulation
 - Natural / legal monopoly and market failures
 - Regulatory Authorities at local level: constraints
 - Regulatory targets: price/demand, costs, profits, quality
- Economic analysis for regulation : public and private costs, industrial economic analysis, capital budgeting  sensitivity analysis, risk analysis
 - Regulatory policies: ex-ante and ex-post regulation, auction, price-cap, IRR, other instruments

 - Sector-based case studies (e.g. water cycle, urban waste management)
 - Country-based case studies
 - Guest lectures by international experts and practitioners.

 - Site-visits to local plants
- Work in groups to develop virtual local regulatory case studies: regulatory goals, data collection, information asymmetries management,  analysis and definition of tariff regulation or other regulatory aspects
 - Production and presentation of a final report . 

The Summer School is a unique experience offering the opportunity to meet an international faculty and participants from all over the world, interested in learning and sharing experiences about local policies and local regulation.  

Fees and accommodation in Turin

Low rates and free accommodation.
Registration fees for admitted attendants are as follows:

Profile Fee What you get Condition


registration to the ISS 2018
and free accommodation

payment receipt returned by one week from the admission(date indicated on the admission letter). In case of delay, the School reserves the right to assign the place to another candidate in the reserve list.
B Free

registration to the ISS 2018
and free accommodation

attendants from new (post 2004) EU Member States and non OECD countries (*) 

Cancellation policy for admitted students

Profile B: considering that the participation is free, a deposit is due (150 Euro with payment receipt returned by the date indicated on the admission letter); the deposit will be totally refunded to the attendant at the end of the Summer School (there is no deposit refund in case of cancellation)

Selection criteria applied

Curricula are evaluated on the basis of three main criteria:

1) relevance of applicant's studies and professional experience / current job position to the topics of the Summer School programme
2) balanced geographical distribution of selected participants (OECD / non-OECD members; distribution per continent; inclusion of applicants from Countries non represented in the previous editions)
3) balanced distribution of educational background (e.g. economics; environmental engineering; law; public administration; ...)

Moreover, in the case of curricula with similar score, also some attention is given to the selection of profiles with expertise in different sectors relevant to the domain of regulation of LPS (e.g. water cycle, waste, energy, ...).

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