Workshop/CfP - Reporting Transnational Organised Crime, 22 January - 26 January 2018, Uganda


November 24, 2017


Opportunity Cover Image - Workshop/CfP - Reporting Transnational Organised Crime, 22 January - 26 January 2018, Uganda

Reporting Transnational Organised Crime

Transnational organized crime (TOC) is a serious threat to international peace, good governance and development - and is on the rise globally, including across Africa. It is an obstacle to reducing poverty, distorts local economies and undermines development efforts.  By reporting on criminal activity, monitoring the integrity and independence of governance and mobilizing public opinion, independent journalists and the media are critical to holding governments to account and mobilizing civil society.

Thomson Reuters Foundation is offering a training scheme on Reporting Organized Crime for journalists across Africa, in partnership with the ENACT programme (Enhancing Africa’s Response to Transnational Organised Crime).
The intensive five-day workshop, taking place in Kampala, Uganda from Monday 22nd January – Friday 22nd January will build the capacity of journalists to report on the issue of transnational organized crime  – improving both knowledge and skills and also developing story ideas that can be taken forward by participants following the workshop. 
Organized crime does not respect borders and as such, the workshop will focus on developing cross-border story ideas, encouraging collaboration between international participants.  
We are seeking applicants focusing on transnational organized crime reporting with a maximum of five years’ experience – OR journalists with more experience and who have not covered this topic before, but who have a marked interest in starting to cover the issue. Applicants should be based in Africa.
The course itself is free of charge and travel and expenses will be covered. 

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November 15, 2017
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