Workshop/CfP - Beyond Globalisation: Prospects for Eurasia, 12 May 2017, Cambridge, UK

Publish Date: Apr 04, 2017

Deadline: Apr 24, 2017

Call for abstracts — ‘Beyond Globalisation: Prospects for Eurasia’ conference

Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies is organising a workshop titled ‘Beyond Globalisation: Prospects for Eurasia’. This workshop will focus on dynamics of change ‘in’ and ‘around’ the Eurasian space. We invite papers that consider the processes unfolding globally in which the countries from the Eurasian space are taking an increasingly central role. Papers with sectoral or sub-regional focus which engage with broader themes on Eurasian research described below are also welcome.

Theme I: New Internal Linkages in the Eurasian Space

Having just gone through 25 years as independent states and having defined their uniqueness internally and geopolitically, the distinct sovereign positions of the sixteen former Soviet republics are now expressed more confidently in their relations with each other. In Central Asia, this new vibrancy is articulated in opening of borders and flights, cooperation agreements and emphasis on boosting regional trade. However as we move West within Eurasia, new forms of divergences continue to emerge and shape the relationships. Papers which will be able capture these new defining moments, implications and dynamics will be welcomed.

Theme II: Eurasia and the Global Discourse

While contours of Russian-US relations, Astana hosting Syria peace talks continue to capture headlines globally almost daily and many of Eurasian countries position themselves strategically vis-à-vis Brexit, what are the prospects for these new found opportunities. Even more evocative in this discourse is the purported marginalisation of the European Union. Indeed with this new architecture shaping up what are the options for a resolution of the Ukrainian conflict for instance? China and the Silk Road, India’s new found impetus, Japan and Korea’s varied, yet steady relationship, are generating both positive option and anxieties. Both empirical research and analysis papers are welcomed to fully capture these developments.

Theme III: Eurasia between Europe and Asia

Eurasia as a space that reflects Europe, Asia and also distinctly ‘Eurasian’, an identity which is on its way to carving a new niche for itself within and without. Does being Eurasian mean different things to the countries of the region, do the developments in the near neighbourhood in the east and west have any impact on the identity that is fast taking shape? Is this the time for such a regional identity to assert itself when the US and UK are becoming more inward looking? Papers that reflect the historical, national and regional processes toward the origins of Eurasianess will be welcomed.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a 300-word abstract together with a short biography to the e-mail The workshop will be held on 12th of May 2017 in Cambridge, UK. Selected papers will be invited for peer-review for publication in the Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies after the workshop. The best abstract will be invited for presentation at the Cambridge workshop. The deadline for submissions is 24th April 2017.

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