Molecular Basis of Hearing in Insects Fellowship program 2019, University of Leicester, UK

University of Leicester


May 30, 2019


Opportunity Cover Image - Molecular Basis of Hearing in Insects Fellowship program 2019, University of Leicester, UK

Molecular basis of hearing in insects

Qualification: PhD

Department: Neuroscience Psychology and Behaviour

Start date: October 2019


The newly-founded Warren lab is after an ambitious and resilient PhD student to work on hearing in the desert locust.


Dr Ben Warren

Project description

You will receive comprehensive hands-on training in state-of-the-art genetic techniques, such as CRISPR-Cas9, and electrophysiological methodology including recently pioneered intracellular patch-clamp recordings (Warren and Matheson, 2018). Working closely with Dr Warren, you will, over three years, identify the elusive sound-activated ion channel, a question of timely significance for the field of hearing research because it remains unidentified in any animal ear.

As well as being part of young and up-and-coming aspiring lab you will attend the famous Plymouth ‘Microelectrode techniques for Cell Physiology Course’ and multiple international meetings to train and present your findings in this exciting field. You will also take advantage of the Career Development Programme and other tailored training within the College of Life Sciences at Leicester. The ideal candidate will have experience of basic genetic techniques, perhaps with a master’s degree. Overarching qualities, that are more important than the candidate’s background, are resilience, motivation to learn new techniques and determination. With Dr Warren’s training and guidance the student will be expected to publish high quality research, impact current understanding in the field and springboard into an exciting future career.



The Royal Society Fellowship Studentship provides a stipend at standard RCUK rates and a tuition fee waiver at UK/EU rates for a period of three years.

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