University of Gothenburg Masters Scholarships for EU/EEA Students 2017, Sweden

Publish Date: Jan 23, 2017

Deadline: Feb 02, 2017

University of Gothenburg Scholarships

The Admissions Office at the University of Gothenburg administers four scholarships intended for fee-paying applicants, who have applied in the first admission round via for one or several two-year Master's Programmes with entry autumn semester 2017.

The scholarship application is open between January 17, 2017 (9 a.m. GMT+1) and February 2, 2017 (9 a.m. GMT+1).

Four scholarships

The Admissions Office at the University of Gothenburg administers four types of scholarships:

  • The University of Gothenburg Study Scholarship, which is funded by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, and covers the complete tuition fee for a study programme at the University of Gothenburg.
  • A scholarship funded by Adlerbert Foundations, which contributes to accommodation expenses for all the applicants who have been granted the University of Gothenburg Study Scholarship.
  • A scholarship funded by Adlerbert Foundations, which covers the complete tuition fee for a study programme at the University of Gothenburg and contributes to accommodation expenses.
  • A scholarship funded by Adlerbert Foundations, which is specifically intended for applicants who are citizens of an annual prioritized country from the OECD/DAC list, that and covers the complete tuition fee for a study programme at the University of Gothenburg and contributes to living and accommodation expenses.

How to apply

You can apply for one, several or all scholarships. Applying for more than one scholarship will not decrease your chances of being granted a scholarship.
Please note that it is only citizens in a country on the OECD/DAC list that are eligible for the fourth scholarship option. Scholarship applicants that hold a Syrian citizenship will be prioritized in the scholarship selection process 2017.
Please note that one must have applied for one or several two-year Master's Programmes, with application deadline January 16, 2017, in order to be eligible for our scholarships.  

Required documents

When submitting your scholarship application, the following four documents must be included:

  • Scholarship application form
  • Copy of valid passport.
  • CV, with an overview of academic records and experiences of organizational and/or professional life.
  • Letter of motivation, with focus on academic achievements and academic and organizational and/or professional aims and ambitions (approximately 500 words).

Please note that your academic qualifications should be submitted no later than February 1, 2017 to University Admissions in Sweden along with your supporting documents for the programmes which you have applied for, according to the instructions at The University of Gothenburg will have access to your academic qualifications via University Admissions in Sweden – we kindly ask you not to attach them to your scholarship application.

Filling out the application form

When filling out the application form, please make sure to:

  • Check the box for the scholarship/s you would like to apply for.
  • State the correct application number received when you applied for studies at If this is not stated on the scholarship application form, it will not be possible to identify your scholarship application.
  • State major and minor field of study. Minor means a secondary field of study in your undergraduate education, as opposed to your major, which is the primary field of study, for example political science as a major and econimics as a minor. If your studies do not consist of a major and a minor, it is sufficient that you state the subject field in which you will have a degree.
  • State study work load per semester in credits per hours. This should mirror what is considered as full time studies per semester in your educational system. In order to calculate, please state the amount of credits required for a degree, and divide it with the amount of semesters studied.
  • State scale of grade used in the educational system of your university (e.g. A-F, 1-4, pass-excellent). If a scale of grade is not used, please state your.
  • State your GPA if applicable. GPA means grade point average, i.e. your average grades in your degree.
  • Type directly into the application form. Then print, sign and scan the document.

Submit scholarship application

Attach a scanned copy of the application form along with the other required documents listed above, to an email and send the email to with the subject line Scholarship Application 2017. All required documents have to be included when you submit your application. A late or incomplete scholarship application will not be processed.

Formats allowed: PDF or Word.

If you are unable to send the scholarship application via e-mail, please send it by post to the following address:

University of Gothenburg
Admissions Office
P.O Box 100
405 30 Gothenburg

The scholarship application must reach the University of Gothenburg no later than February 2, 9 a.m. GMT+1. 

Selection procedure

To be eligible for the scholarship selection process, you must meet the entry requirements and be admitted in the first selection to a two-year Master's Programme at the University of Gothenburg in the first admission round.
Scholarships are offered to applicants demonstrating a high level of academic performance. The selection process consists of an assessment made by academic and administrative staff at the University of Gothenburg. Priority is given to those who apply to the University of Gothenburg as their first choice.
In the selection for the fourth scholarship option, scholarship applicants that hold a Syrian citizenship will be prioritized.
The scholarship selection process runs parallel with the admissions process. Scholarship notifications are sent out via email after the Second Notification of Selection Results is published.
Scholarship offers are only valid for studies starting autumn semester 2017. It is not possible to defer a scholarship offer.
Please note that if being offered a scholarship from the Swedish Institute for studies starting autumn semester 2017, you will not be offered a scholarship from the University of Gothenburg.

Questions? Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, feel free to email us at

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