University of Cambridge John Crook Scholarships 2017, UK


November 06, 2017


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John Crook Scholarships 

For many people, going to university is about more than getting a degree; it inspires them to pursue new avenues of intellectual enquiry and ignites a passion for subjects which they had never thought about studying before. The John Crook Scholarship offers students the opportunity to take this further by studying for a second, two-year degree at St John's College, Cambridge.

If you meet the criteria below, you could be eligible. The scholarship would cover all your costs, including fees, and would provide a grant of at least £3,625 quarterly for your living expenses for the duration of your course.

Candidates need to be:

  • the first generation in their family to go to university
  • a current student, or recent graduate, with an exceptional academic record, from one of the universities on the eligible list
  • a British citizen

Scholarship details

The John Crook Scholar will be admitted to St John’s College to study for either a second two-year Bachelor’s Degree as an affiliated student, for an MPhil or for the Degree of Master of Advanced Studies in mathematics or science. The scholarship is open to all subjects apart from Law and Theological Studies. The award will be for up to two years (depending on the course), and will comprise a maintenance grant at the rate of at least £14,500 per annum plus payment of approved College and University fees.

Please note that, as per the residential regulations that apply to all students of St John’s College, John Crook Scholars must live in Cambridge to obtain a degree.

Completed application forms must be received by Monday, 6th November 2017 for admission in October 2018.

Interviews will be contacted on Monday, 20th November 2017, at Cambridge.

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