Conf/CfP - Historical and Cultural Relations Between Iran and the Caucasus, 26 - 27 May 2018, Armenia

Russian - Armenian University


March 20, 2018

Event Date:

May 26, 2018 - May 27, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Conf/CfP - Historical and Cultural Relations Between Iran and the Caucasus, 26 - 27 May 2018, Armenia

First International Conference


Russian-Armenia University (Yerevan, Armenia)

University of Guilan (Rasht, Iran)

26-27 May, 2018

Academics of any educational and professional level (MA, PhD, Post-Doc and beyond) are invited to submit papers and panel proposals on any aspect of historical and cultural relations between Iran and the Caucasus, including, but not limited to:

  • Historical relations between Iran and the Caucasus
  • Cultural and literary relations between Iran, the Caucasus and Russia
  • Comparative Studies of Iranian languages and languages spoken in the Caucasus (Armenian, Turkish, Georgian, etc.)
  • The role and place of the Persian language in the literary heritage of Iran and the Caucasus
  • The role of the Russian language in cultural relations between Iran and the Caucasus
  • Islamic Studies in the scientific and literary schools of Russia and the Caucasus
  • Bilingualism in Iran and the Caucasus
  • The role of translation in strengthening the cultural relations between Iran and the Caucasus
  • Comparative Studies in the fields of mythology, folklore and literature
  • The role of political figures of the Caucasian descent in the formation of the ideological trends and in political developments in Iran in the second half of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century.
  • Armenians and their cultural mission in the Irano-Caucasian Region.
  • Sources for the study of the Djangalid Movement in Iran (in Russian, Armenian and Georgian)

The working languages of the Conference are English, Persian, Russian.

Abtracts not exceeding 500 words, along with a brief CV including contact details, are to be emailed by March 20, 2018 to, with the

Subject “Historical and Cultural Relations between Iran and the Caucasus”. If your abstracts include non-Unicode symbols, we will appreciate if you send them in both .doc and .pdf formats.

The scheduled time for keynote speeches is 30 minutes. Each presentation will last 15 minutes, 5–10 minutes will be available for Q&A.


20 March, 2018 — Abstract submission deadline

01 April, 2018 — Notification of acceptance


Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian-Armenian University, 123 Hovsep Emin St., Yerevan 0051 (,


Participation fee for the conference is $100, which includes refreshments, lunches, banquets and cultural programme during the days of the conference.


Prof. Dr. Garnik Asatrian (Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan, Armenia)

Dr. Seyyed Hashem Musavi (University of Guilan, Rasht Iran)

Dr. Jahandust Sabzalipur (Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran)

Dr. Sorush Akbarzade (Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan, Armenia)

Dr. Victoria Arakelova (Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan, Armenia)

Dr. Mahmoud Jafari-Joneydi (Pazhohesgah, Tehran, Iran)


Dr. Ebrahim Safari (Farhangian University, Rasht, Iran) — Chairman

Dr. Vahe Boyajian (Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan, Armenia)

Dr. Ali Safayi (University of Guilan, Rasht Iran)

Dr. Khachik Gevorgyan (ARMACAD, Yerevan, Armenia)

Amir Zeyghami (Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan, Armenia)

Gohar Hakobian (Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan, Armenia)

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