Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah Doctoral and Post-doctoral Grants Program 2018, France

Publish Date: Feb 20, 2018

Deadline: Apr 01, 2018

Grants: Jewish Women in France During the Second World War and the Post-War Period

The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah is a private and public-interest foundation. The initial endowment came from the restitution by the government and certain financial institutions of dormant accounts from expropriated Jews living in France who were killed during the Holocaust. 

In partnership with the Institut Émilie du Châtelet, the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah offers a doctoral and a post-doctoral grant for young researchers working on the history of Jewish women in France during the Second World War and the post-war period (1939-late the 1950s).

Composition of Application

  • Cover sheet
  • Completed application forms
  • CV of the applicant
  • Administrative file (1 copy, stapled or bound)
(Please respect the indicated order and number the pages of your application
Each copy of the completed file must be stapled or bound separately. Indicate “original” upon the copy containing the original documents and signatures).

Criteria by which applications will be evaluated

  • The extent to which the application conforms to the objectives prioritized by the FMS and the IEC.
  • The degree to which the applicant has the expertise necessary to successfully carry out the project.
  • The innovative nature of the project
  • The extent of the opportunity
  • The anticipated impact
  • The involvement of young investigators
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the proposed investigations
  • The international dimension of the research
  • The extent to which the research will be disseminated

General requirements  

  • Doctoral scholarship applicants must be enrolled as Ph.D. candidates at the time they submit their applications.
  • Postdoctoral fellowship applicants must be enrolled in a research structure (this criterion also applies to research allowances).
  • The application form must imperatively contain two detailed letters of reference written by academic scholars (for Ph.D. candidates: one of the letters should come from their main supervisor). These letters must be directly sent to the FMS within the same time limit applying to the submission of application forms.
  • Completed applications and supporting documentations must be handed in by April 1st to be considered (the first financial deposits are made on the 15th of September of the same year)
  • Each scholarship or fellowship is tenable for a period of 1 year. Renewals can only be asked for once.
  • Grant amounts: Doctoral scholarships: 1200 Euros/month; Postdoctoral fellowships: 1550 Euros/month + extras for additional expenses.
  • In case of repeated refusals, the number of applications is limited: one cannot submit a third application after two former refusals expressed by the committee
  • After the submission of the application, requirements as to the content and form are evaluated during a first examination stage. Candidates cannot appeal against this decision. Candidates receive notification of the decision by email.

Limitation of scholarships for one person

  • Two years maximum: the position is limited in time for 1 year with the possibility of an extension; scholarship recipients asking for an extension must specifically meet the criteria as set by the FMS for a first application; the renewal depends on the submission of a comprehensive paper describing the ongoing work of the candidate. 


  • After a close examination of the application by the FMS and the IEC, the applicant will receive notification of the decision by mail.
  • In case of a refusal, the applicant may request the FMS to explain its decision; refusals cannot be subjected to an appeal.

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