60 technē PhD Studentships for EU Candidates 2020, UK


February 20, 2020

Opportunity Cover Image - 60 technē PhD Studentships for EU Candidates 2020, UK

Applying to technē

techne awards up to 60 AHRC studentships each year across the range of arts and humanities disciplines: 45 in its open competition and 12 through the Collaborative Doctoral Award route. Collaborative Doctoral Awards can be found on the 'PhD with Partners' page.

Studentships include maintenance and fees for 3.5 or 4 years for a full time student; or 7 or 8 years for a part-time student (pro rata if you have already started your PhD). Please note that overseas students are not eligible for techne scholarships. EU students are eligible for fees but not maintenance. Studentships are open to students who have already started their doctoral study but they must have at least 50% of the funded period of an AHRC award (usually 18 months full time) remaining at the time they start their scholarship.

techne welcomes both interdisciplinary research proposals and those focussed within traditional discipline areas.

If you are interested in a techne studentship, please contact a member of staff at the university where you wish to study in the first instance and check their deadlines. You can find out who this should be on our Members, Partners and Students page and in the Application Guidance. The member of staff will be able to advise you on your suitability for a techne studentship, and support you through the application process. It will be necessary to apply separately for both a techne studentship and a place at your chosen university. 

When directed to do so by your chosen university, students should submit their techne application through the techne Application Portal.  Please refer to the Application guidance. For reference, a word version of the Application form and the Equal Opportunities form are available.

Students must comply with the AHRC’s eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions available on the AHRC's Current Award Holders web page.  The current value of a studentship can be found at the bottom of the same page. 

Our subject list gives an indication of the subject areas in which techne offers studentships.

How are Applications Assessed?

Applications to techne are assessed in four stages.

1. The university at which you wish to study assesses your application and decides whether to include it in the quota of applications it forwards to techne.  The deadline for universities to submit applications to techne is the 20th February 2020, but universities will have their own earlier internal deadlines, so you should check with them.  The university will tell you whether your application has passed this stage.

2. All applications are then scored by members of the techne Peer Review College, which comprises academics with expertise in relevant disciplines.

3. At the third stage in late March, the application is considered at a meeting of the techne Subject Group.  The Subject Group comprises experts from each member university, and an independent chair.  The Subject Group produces a list of recommendations for awards.

4. At the final stage, on the 22nd April 2020, the techne Management Group finalises the list of students to receive awards and also approves a reserve list.

Applicants should therefore expect to hear the outcome of their application in late April 2020.

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